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I am often asked about information on supplies, books and other resources I find inspiring. While some of these things are little secrets confined to the pages of a maker's little black book, here is a list of resources that I am happy to share with you!

Please note, I will only share products that I have either tried myself or come highly recommended. Some of these may be affiliate links, which means I will earn a very small commission if you decide to purchase after clicking through. This does not affect the purchase price, it just helps me a little bit in continuing to run my blog and little business.

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash
Making Waldorf Dolls

I did quite a bit of research before I finally decided to choose this book (below), to learn some of the techniques involved in making Waldorf or Steiner inspired dolls. What I have learned mostly, is that these dolls are almost magical, and it really is a process of the doll being born in your hands as you create that makes them so special!

Though there are a lot of books out there that are highly recommended, I chose Simple Cloth Daisy Dolls to guide me through the process of creating my first every waldorf-inspired doll. The book contains step by step photos, and though my first doll wasn't exactly perfect, it was a good starting base for me.

Fig and Me is an amazing dollmaker and has a collection of exquisite patterns in her Etsy store, including a dollmaking pattern!

Meadow Finch makes the cutest waldorf-inspired dolls and has a beautiful collection of clothing and shoes to get you started.

Dolly Dressmaking is also a really fun and inspiring facebook group of other dollmakers, featuring mostly waldorf-inspired dolls.

In my Creative Library

Pretty Handmades by Lauren Wright - if you love beautiful sewing projects, then this is definitely a book you need on your shelf. Lauren is the designer behind the gorgeous Molly and Mama brand, and she has created the sweetest set of amazing sewing projects that beginners and experienced makers can enjoy alike. What I love about Lauren's book, is that her patterns contain clear, concise directions that I have found lacking in other popular craft books. The front section also includes a detailed run through of the various techniques you will need to make each project - skills you can then apply to other projects!

Animal Friends of Pica Pau - I love the cute and quirky characters, all made using the crochet technique amigurumi. Each softie has his or her own unique story. Again, one of the reasons I like this book is that there is a detailed guide in the front section showing the different techniques and stitches you will need for crocheting the softies.

BIG MAGIC -  In my opinion, this is a must-read for anyone creative or anyone who wants to be creative - actually everyone should read it! Sometimes hilarious, sometimes a little spiritual and sometimes a lot of lightbulb moments, Big Magic is an easy to read foray into creativity and the magic thereof - it is enlightening, inspiring and highly relatable. Definitely do yourself a favour and read this book!

Look What We Made - an eclectic mix of Australian designers and creatives are showcased in this delightful glimpse into the lives of makers across the country. Published by Frankie, I really enjoyed the stories and found inspiration on every page. A must-have on your book shelf if you have a love of design and celebrating Australian makers!

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