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Business Tool Kit

I have been running my own creative business since 2008 and it has been an intense roller coaster ride!

I have experience in designing and producing my own product lines, marketing my work both in the traditional sense and via social media, creating and launching my own brands, working with shop owners and collaborating with other businesses, selling my work online (via Etsy and e-commerce) platforms, at the markets and running a brick and mortar pop-up shop - stocking both my own products and wholesaling from other brands.

Over time, I have developed a passion for creative business and helping others who are working in this field. Here on the blog, I share my thoughts and things I have learned or observed along the way.

I have done the hard yards where nothing seemed to sell, and I have also experienced overnight success. I've carved out a corner in a tiny dining room and started my collection from op-shop sourced supplies at the kitchen table. I have had a nice studio space all to myself. I've made my products in a wardrobe-sized space while manning my brick and mortar pop-up shop and done the whole thing on a shoestring budget.

In short, I have probably been where you are right now, at some point in my creative business journey. Through my blog, I seek to explore many of the issues small creative business owners experience, and also inspire the next generation of makers who want to market their wares - whether you are 19 or 99!

You can find all the relevant articles here under Creative Business.

Below is a business toolbox that I will add to as I find new resources that I LOVE. It isn't the longest list, but it is a list full of GOLD nuggets. The real-deal, authentic stuff that actually helps and works!

So often we invest so much time in making our products and sourcing amazing supplies, we forget to invest in OURSELVES and take some time to learn some skills that will help us as business people!

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash
My Business Toolkit

Julia Bickerstaff of The Business Bakery - I can't tell you how MANY (many!) articles and blogs I read until I came across Julia. It was a lot and none of it really EVER helped me that much, with the business-y stuff. A lot of what I read previously was stuff I already knew or stuff that didn't apply to me - this included some pretty popular 'handmade business' websites and blogs. Because my creative business centers around sewing, a very time-consuming craft, so many of the typical handmade biz sites and advice did nothing to help me construct a proper business - things like wholesale and tracking your time are a totally different story if you don't make something fast like jewellery.

Anyway, The Business Bakery is designed and written for kitchen table entrepreneurs - creative women who start their business from their home. All the information Julia has compiled on her website is invaluable and so easy to digest. The finance stuff, everything! It's all set up in a fun, stress free way that is very relatable and applicable.

Julia has quite a few different courses available, including The Healthy Income Program and How to Get It All Done When You're a Business of One, both of which I can highly recommend. She also runs the fabulous 100 Day Goal, and has written a book - How to Bake A Business.

Fiona Humberstone of The Brand Stylist - I really wish I had come across Fiona a lot earlier! I have spent years carefully crafting and honing my own brand, but a lot of things really clicked for me when I came across The Brand Stylist website. Whether you are capable of creating your own brand and doing your own graphic design, or you are hiring an amazing graphic designer to help you make your brand shine, I highly recommend investing in Fiona's books - they were a big asset to me when I recently rebranded Dolly Henry. If only one book is in your budget, I'd choose Brand Brilliance.

How to Style Your Brand and Brand Brilliance

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