Hey there! My name is Megan and I'm the sewing, pattern making girl behind Dolly Henry. This is my blog, where I share my own creative adventures and hope to meet fellow fabric enthusiasts. I also design and sell sewing patterns through my online boutique, alongside a beautiful collection of clothing and dolls. Thank you for stopping by!


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Hello! Chances are, if you are here, you would like to know a little more about Dolly Henry...
Well, Dolly Henry was founded in 2015, by our tea-drinker-in-chief Megan and was named after her story-book puppy dog, and furry sidekick, Henry.
Having run a successful handmade business for so many years that she got a little burnt out, Megan started the Dolly Henry blog to try and recapture her creativity and document her attempts at learning crochet! Not long after, the Dolly Henry fabric store was born, as Megan realised she didn't need quite so much fabric any more and decided to rehome some of her vast collection. (I know, that sounds doubtful doesn't it? I mean what seamstress worth her bobbins actually admits she has TOO much fabric??) Nevertheless, it was true.
As Megan and Henry went on their merry-way, fabric shop and blog in tow, they met a whole new world of wonderful creative friends and stumbled across a rather marvellous and magical little community of like-minded crafters. Having vowed never to quilt or patchwork, a lovely fairy sprinkled some pink and sparkly sneezing dust over the pair, and atchoooo! Megan found she quite liked playing patchwork! Not too long after, something funny happened. She began making dolls and some sweet little clothing again for her handmade collection.
In December 2016, Dolly Henry's first ever pattern was published in the form of Hazel, a delightful deer softie. It seemed the 'Dolly' part of the name had been for a good reason after all! (Though Henry maintains it was named after his sister, and he is probably correct.)
Where the journey will take them next, Megan and Henry are yet to find out...but they do know it will include stacks of fabric, oodles of creativity, copious amounts of tea and lots more crafty friends!
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