Hello, I'm Megan. An Australian designer, maker and creative. I tell stories with thread and sometimes share those stories here on my blog. I also design and make beautiful heirloom dolls, create illustrations for fabric and dabble in crochet. If you would like to stay in touch with my work, you can sign up to the mailing list. Thank you for stopping by!


About Me

One of my waldorf inspired dolls, Annie

My cloth doll designs, Brandy and Hazel
Hello, I'm Megan - a designer, dollmaker, illustrator and writer from NSW, Australia.

I started Dolly Henry as a creative blog in 2015, as a way to slow down and enjoy creating again after closing my children's fashion label. After spending a couple of years designing and sewing my entire collection, I needed to reconnect with my creativity again, so took up a crochet hook and this blog.

Henry, my puppy-dog
After a little while, I returned to designing and making with renewed purpose and passion, creating Hazel Deer, who has become a bit of an iconic character around here. Hazel was the first sewing pattern I published and she was greeted so enthusiastically, I dove in and created more characters that are Hazel's friends - Pixie Pocket, Croissant the Cat and Freckles the Fox.

Hazel Deer

Croissant the Cat

Freckles the Fox
In 2017, I fulfilled a long-held desire to create some of my own fabric, bringing together my love of drawing and sewing. Hazel and her friends also featured in some of these prints.

I love to create sweet illustrations with pencil and watercolour

I'm not sure where Hazel came from, but she really has helped me create the magical world of Dolly Henry - a place where you can find beautiful handmade dolls and homewares while also being creatively inspired, with a selection of sewing patterns and creative kits.

I am also obsessed with all things small business, supporting independent brands and people that are just super good at what they do! I love nothing more than seeing a small business grow, having a small business (or two!) of my own probably has something to do with that. I not only know what it is like to be on the receiving end of someone supporting what you do, I have felt it and breathed it too.

So sometimes, for one reason or another, that passion will overflow on this blog and I will share small insights into the world and diary of a creative designer-slash-little-shop-owner too.

The little furry friend you see above is my dog, Henry. He loves it when we spend a lot of time outside, and while he hunts for various beetles and follows interesting scent trails, I enjoy pottering around in the garden or simply recharging in the sunshine, cup of tea in hand.

Thank you for stopping by and reading more about my work,


Ps. In response to quite a few questions regarding Henry's 'breed' - he is a jack russell x shih tzu - and as much of a crazy, barrel of muscle at times as he is sooky and sweet.

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