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Willoh - A Waldorf-Inspired Doll

Meet Willoh. She loves collecting vintage treasures and hosting tea parties for her friends. Willoh lives in a little retro caravan called Connie, which she has decorated with cloth bunting and gingham curtains. Willoh spends her days creating - she loves to sew, crochet and paint.

Dolly Henry Dumpling dolls are one of a kind, Waldorf-inspired dolls.
A Waldorf doll is traditionally compatible with Steiner education philosophies to encourage a child’s own imagination in play. Their appearance is kept intentionally simple and childlike, in order to encourage creativity, problem-solving skills and imaginative play in children. Dolly Henry Dumpling dolls make excellent companions for children, their clothing is removable for interactive play, and are filled with a beautiful natural eco-friendly vegan fiber so they are lovely to cuddle. They have a little bit of weight to them, unlike a cloth or rag doll, that is comforting to children and makes them feel a little bit more 'real.

Annie was so excited to meet her new sister, and the latest addition to the Dolly Henry waldorf-inspired doll collection - Willoh! 

It's clear that Willoh loves a good matchy-matchy colour scheme, as she is decked out in classic baby blue and aqua.

Her unruly blonde locks are piled high and kept tidy with her vintage style gingham headwrap.

There is something so lovely about blending knitted and woven textures together - the cotton blouse peeps out from underneath her gorgeous hand-knitted pinafore, which is delightfully soft having been made using 100% organic Australian merino! 

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