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Here & Now | November 2018

It has been such a busy week, it's nice to sit down and focus on the Here & Now, at least for today.
Thanks to Sarah from Say! Little Hen for running this monthly linkup.

Loving // Cooler Days. The weather is a bit crazy but thankfully, the super hot weather has left again and it's once again feeling quite cool...especially for this former North Qld girl! Wondering if I will ever put away the jumpers and socks for a season...

Eating // Chocolate cupcakes that didn't quite get their full share of raising flat chocolate cupcakes. Still chocolatey and delicious though!

Drinking // Less tea, more water now that summer is (sort of) here

Feeling // Like I really could do with a holiday...a month of no disruption, no stress, no running to-do list. That quiet time between Christmas and New Year cannot come fast enough. (PS. I am sorry if I haven't replied to any blog comments yet! I love hearing from you and promise I will do it soon!)

Making // I re-opened my pattern shop in case anyone needed to make something lovely for Christmas, and have been working on a new dolly outfit pattern for the holiday season...

Thinking // About dinner because it's about that time of day!

Dreaming // Of somewhere over the rainbow.

If you'd like to join in the Here and Now link up, you can find all the details here on Sarah's blog.

What has been happening in your Here and Now?

Megan x

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  1. Such sweet little things you are making, Megan. That quiet time, between Christmas and the new year, will come soon. Promise! Meg:)

  2. The little cape is SO cute, Megan!! I love the mushroom on it.
    Thank you for joining in H&N again,
    Sarah x


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