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DIY Christmas Tags & Stitching on Yarn

I'm delighted to be a contributor to the second issue of Yarnologie, a new Australian focused digital magazine for yarn lovers, hoarders, knitters, spinners and crocheters...yes yarn hoarding is a hobby too!

As our seasons are completely reversed to the Northern Hemisphere, it's so lovely to have a knitting and yarn publication that is dedicated to sharing all things yarn from down here in Australia. We have so many amazing artists and designers down here, it's refreshing to learn about new people and read stories from our neck of woods. The summer issue will be full of inspiration to suit the southern hemisphere, though I am personally NOT feeling the heat yet here in NSW.

I dusted off my water colours to create a set of bookish Christmas tags, suitable for attaching to all those woolly socks and jumpers you've been making as gifts... if you really have managed to make gorgeous handmade items for your friends and family, then I salute you. For me, my NY resolution was to not make anything handmade this year, for gifts. Mean I know, but I really needed a break.

Of course, as with all resolutions, I didn't quite stick to it and some people still benefited from my creative adventures...count yourself as chosen ones if you got something I made this year...

In my defence, it takes just as much effort and creativity to curate a lovely store-bought gift. Even gift cards - they are like buying a little bit of are locked into spending the moolah guilt-free at your favourite shop...what's not to love?!

Anyway, whether your creativity goes all out or not this year, at least you can affix a handmade tag to your gifts! Also in this issue, I have written a couple of articles, one on WIPs (works in progress to the uninitiated) which are always on my mind as the year draws to a close. I did half wonder if I could finish all my current WIPs before 2019 arrives but I decided that was probably a bit WIP stash is next level across the crafts of knitting, crocheting, embroidery, patchwork and dressmaking!

Commitment issues? Nooooooo......(ducks and runs)

My second article is all about when Stitching met Yarn. (sneak peek above!) A modern love story? More like the entwining of two threads, who alone are pretty amazing but when put together produce results only dreams are made of. Well, that might be a tad dramatic and romantic but you get the gist. Stitching pretty things on other pretty things made of yarn makes everyone happy.

I'm sorry if my writing has been a bit up and down in this post, that's probably what happens when you type with pop music blasting out of the computer...your fingers dance a little.

Anyway, if you love yarn and creative inspiration, then make sure you jump on and order your copy of Yarnologie from the Say! Little Hen shop - Issue 2 is out on December 1st! (I feel like the overly bright voiceover from a TV advert! I'm not, it's just really good and you should get onto it!)

Megan x

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  1. Yarn hoarding is a hobby? What an excellent idea!! Perhaps it could even be a form of exercise if we concentrate hard enough? xo :) :)

    1. Weight lifting, depending on the size of the stash! 😂


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