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A Study of Tiny Flowers + A New Little Doll

When you create a title for your blog post, it's supposed to be something good, that will come up well in searches. That makes sense but it isn't something I manage to do very often, and I guess it's because that isn't my purpose for writing on my blog. 

I like blogging because, for me, writing is a bit of a therapeutic process, it can help me collect my thoughts and also slow down my day a little bit by pausing to reflect on what are usually small things that would otherwise pass by without a great deal of notice. 

It's been a really busy time here lately. You know those months where you feel like it is an achievement if you just manage to keep the house tidy and cook a good dinner every night? 
That's me right now! Which could explain why I am taking a necessary hour out of my evening just to slow down a little and write here, despite the fact my flying fingers are racing the feeling in my stomach that indicates it is indeed dinner time.

Yesterday was a 'winning at life' day - not only did I manage to restock the pantry, the freezer is full of homemade dinners, there is a watermelon salad in the fridge (sounds odd, but it's so nice!) and thanks to yesterday's efforts, there is cauliflower soup in the fridge (again odd, but delicious. Think copious amounts of cheese, chicken stock, and cream) so dinner simply needs to be reheated.

When days like that happen, I don't question them and I have learned not to think I can do that every week! I am just thankful for the space, time and energy when the stars align and I manage to perform the miracle of stashed dinners, a full pantry, and tidy kitchen all in one day. 

It might mean an 11pm night but the squirrel in me is too smug to care.

In between all the flurry, I have been adding borders to my granny squares as I am serious about getting these WIPs under control. My latest Waldorf inspired doll got her shoes, and she is yet to have a full reveal here, there is a sneak peek of her baby blue slippers below.

There is also a new arrival, a little beanie Baby, she is awaiting her attire but I've shared a sneak peek of her too. She is borrowing a cardigan from Hazel. She is smaller than my usual dolls but so, so cute. Like a lot of beanie babies, she was a bit of an accident. For some reason, I was having trouble creating the usual head size that day, so she came out smaller and therefore she needed a smaller torso, arms, and legs to match. I am in love with the new baby size though!

Recently, I have been finding my daily dose of calm in nature. A walk around the leafy streets, a stop by the river, a stroll on the beach. This afternoon I took a walk around my own backyard and took the camera, to make it a bit more interesting. I wasn't sure what there was to photograph but that is half the fun! Suddenly the obscure becomes noticeable, and the insignificant, worthwhile.

So often, it's the big and stunningly beautiful that captures the attention. But there isn't anything particularly amazing lurking in the garden just now. So I had to look closer, and I decided to make a study of the tiny flowers growing in the garden this afternoon's photography subject. By flowers, I mean the vegetables that have gone to seed - mostly. They are pretty but a lot of the time, I don't pay them a lot of attention other than being thankful for the vital bee and insect food they provide. 
And of course, the very important task they have of producing seed. 

But to stop and admire them in the same way I would a grand rose? Not quite.

However, this afternoon was for the little guy. The sweet little radish flowers. The brilliant yellow of the mustard blooms. The potato flowers growing from some surprise spuds that sprang up out of the kitchen rejects. The pretty purple of the garlic chives (or society garlic) that look so beautiful on a salad and taste surprisingly pungent. 

The sweet peas are blossoming and for such a delicate little flower I am always surprised at the intensely heady scent they produce. I didn't realize until I loaded the photos onto the computer but in these two, it looks like the plant is reaching out with a tiny tendril in some kind of flower dance. The second shot shows the sweetpea looking very much enamored with a nearby leek that has gone to seed.

Yarrow is such a bitter herb, but the ferny leaves and tiny white flowers give this plant a fairy-like delicacy. Some of the flowers have gone to seed, and I enjoy seeing more of the detail when they are isolated in photographs.

You wouldn't think that the dark silhouettes of these plants (having no green thumb, I honestly don't know what they are!) were taken at the same time as the other flowers. It's so funny how the light differs on each side of the garden.

A week or two ago I started playing with some crazy patchwork but got so caught up in remembering the techniques my grandmother taught me that I forgot to organize my fabrics and colours. That's a really important part to me. When I looked at my block halfway through, my heart sunk - I really didn't like it. I didn't want to waste all my time or the fabric so I decided to chop it up as I liked parts of it, but not all of it together. 

The smaller crazy blocks are floating as I embellish them a bit here and there and they are destined for life as mug rugs. Not sure I like crazy patchwork much anymore. When I was talking to a friend, we both agreed we didn't much like improvised patching. I usually don't plan out a patchwork project much anyway, preferring to work as I go but I must admit I like to have carefully considered of my fabric choices and colours.

A thought from this week - don't be afraid to take life a little more slowly! You'll never know what you will experience if you DO. I saw a pod of Whales, from the hilltop as I slowly made my way back up from the shore.

Worth a read - this post about behind the scenes of a quilt pattern business - I really related to the points Kirsty makes in this post, having published my own PDF patterns. 

That's a little round of my week so far! What have you been up to?

Megan x

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