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The Outdoor Quilt Exhibition in Dorrigo

After what has been a very hectic couple of weeks, we escaped domesticity this Sunday and trundled up the hill to see the 'Hanging Out in Dorrigo' Outdoor Quilt Exhibition - a collection of beautiful old world quilts adorning the buildings in Dorrigo. 

It was such a lovely, clear Spring day and the perfect way to spend a Sunday. 

Daylight Saving time kicked in overnight, and unfortunately, we forgot to adjust the car clock and spent the whole day unwittingly on the old time! (We didn't look at our phones once - the quilts and scenery were very distracting!)

So it was quite strange when we returned home to find it was, in fact, an hour later than we had supposed it was... Having moved from Queensland at the beginning of the year, I am still adjusting to Daylight Saving...albeit not terribly well!

I greatly enjoyed the outdoor quilt exhibition, which trailed inside where the Misty Mountain Getaway workshops were happening. I thought the quilts looked so cheerful, attracting attention to the shops, cafes, and galleries they hung beside. I love how the quilts seemed to match the colours or theme of the building they hung around, and as many of you will know I looooove pink so there are several photos of a gorgeous pink building adorned with some pretty quilts that I may have gotten a little snap happy with!

Beautiful country of many on the Dorrigo Plateau

It's something I absolutely love about craft - it has the ability to draw people and communities together, whether they have a hobby in common, or simply like to admire the beautiful things other people make. 

Quilts make such a gorgeous addition to shop-fronts, I am convinced they should become a permanent feature. For some reason, it reminds me of a chapter in one of the books from the Anne of Green Gables series - beautiful handmade quilts airing on sunny verandahs.

I think I read on the Misty Mountain Getaway facebook page that they had over 150 quilts delivered or posted for the event! It's always so interesting to see how other people interpret a craft or skill and really make it their own, in their own style and with their own fabric combinations.

I love this pink building!

The softness of these quilts contrasted beautifully with the rough,
worn texture of the bricks on this building...
A beautiful hedge of lavender growing on the side of the was up to my hips
and about 3-4 meters long! The scent was heavenly.
And again... let's make a quilt of the building..hmmm?

I've long admired pictures of crumbling old pink houses from over the pond, so this is the closest I have gotten to something of that nature in real life...seriously, why are more buildings or houses not pink??? The quilts on the front are optional but in my opinion, they make this old girl even more adorable!

A picture says a thousand words, so I am just letting these quick snaps I took today do the talking. We enjoyed walking around in the sunshine, browsing the local stores and chatting with the owner of the gallery. We grabbed a coffee just after lunchtime, though I now have a sneaking suspicion it was very much the afternoon as we were functioning on our 'own time'.... we sipped our cappuccinos on the wooden bench beside the garden at Components Cafe, in dappled sunlight to the scent of the Star Jasmine that was growing it's way up the tree above us, listening to an auction going on across the road - what we guessed with strained ears was a meat tray going for a good price!

Once we had finished our coffee, eavesdropping and quilt admiration, we set off for a meander of Dorrigo's beautiful roads - winding through gorgeous farmland and the surrounding countryside, stopping at leisure to photograph anything that caught my eye.

This little wooden gate and ruin were two such things. In particular, the tumbling brick ruin which looks to me like an old fire or wood stove had a tree growing out the top of it and there was something so charming about it that I had to stop and take a couple of photos. There's always a story to these things, and I wondered while I hopped along the fenceline in highly unsuitable heeled boots whether the one pertaining to the little ruin was a sad one, or if it was simply a result of the ravages of time...

Today was such a lovely reminder that getting out and about in your local area is a really nice way to relax and absorb the natural beauty (and talent!) of the place you live in! If you, like me, don't always make time to do this, put it in your diary this month. Take your camera and you'll start to notice the many wonders on your doorstep!

Megan x

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  1. What a lovely day out! I haven't heard of Dorrigo, but am now inclined to google and add it to my travel bucket list. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Hi Anorina ☺️ It’s a beautiful little town in a beautiful area! Definitely one to visit! They have a quilt retreat here every October ✨ It was a lovely day out exploring the town! Megan xx


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