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Here and Now | October 2018

Can we just all take a deep breath and acknowledge that it is in fact OCTOBER and that clearly some unscrupulous person has stolen 2018 without anyone noticing because last time I looked it was only March!

Right, now we have gotten that out of the way, I am convinced the proper authorities will be notified and we can all start looking forward to 2019 at a much more leisurely pace.

In an attempt to put the breaks on, I am pausing for a minute to enjoy a little mindfulness and meditation in the form of Here and Now, the monthly link-up by the lovely Say! Little Hen blog.

So what is my here and now for October 2018?

Loving // The rain, I appreciate it topping up our tank no end. I can stop worrying for a little while that showering every day is a little risky to the household water supply! Thank you rain!!!

Eating //  Peanut Butter Cookies that are so delicious, I think they might have inspired the Cookie Monster himself!

Feeling // A little out of whack. My Queensland system is not yet used to Daylight Saving and in spite of the many good arguments for it, I am yet to be convinced. I do not like it and I may just well spend my later years being the crazy-hates-daylight-saving-lady that lives on the hill and makes the neighborhood children knock on the door and run away screaming...just saying.

Making //  A little doll who has blonde curly hair and is so far for suggestions!

Thinking // That if you have never met me or my blog you might possibly think my feelings on Daylight Saving are a bit cuckoo...also that my autocorrect makes so many adjustments these days, I look illiterate in my messages and my spelling of anything "our" is confused...
(it's colour not color for the last time!)

Dreaming // Of the Crafternoon Tea Party I am co-hosting with Sarah from Say! Little Hen - it's in December which seems far off but it really isn't...especially if the aforementioned time thief isn't caught. It's going to be lovely, fun and crafty - if you live in Bellingen or anywhere within a couple of hours drive, please do come! I'll pop the link here for the details...

What has been happening in your Here and Now?

Megan x


  1. Mmmm ... peanut butter cookies would be just the thing to bake for this rainy weekend we're having. Thank you for planting that idea! Meg:)

    1. Peanut cookies are absolutely delicious! They are perfect with a cup of tea in rainy weather, I agree!

  2. What about Maisie for your dolls name? I'm always a fan of old fashioned names.

    I found your lovely blog through "here and now" and your doll making is just beautiful. We have been having some lovely rain also - an a pretty solid storm last night which is less wonderful. But none the less, the rain is lovely.


    1. I like Maisie, such a sweet name! Reminds me of "Milly Molly Mandy" - thank you so much, I really enjoy making dolls. It's very satisfying. There have been some wild storms around lately, haven't there? :-)

  3. Mmm...peanut butter cookies... I knew someone would be posting yummy ideas to fill my brain and rumble my tummy in the Here & Now. :)

    1. I find that happens to me too! Lots of good ideas in Here and Now posts! Megan x

  4. I realised I hadn't left you a comment Megan, but happy to have found your blog. I'll be back for more visits here I am sure. I like the sound of peanut butter cookies!

    1. Oh thank you so much Gina! Peanut Butter cookies are THE BEST! Our recipe is from the book "Make Bake Love" Megan x

  5. Popping over a little belatedly from the here & now link up. Glad to find your lovely blog. I love peanut butter cookies (which seems to be the general consensus!). I have a recipe that is just egg, peanut butter and sugar - absolutely sensational!
    DLS can be a bit of an adjustment but give it another couple of months and you may just find yourself coming around (or not, and i'll be sure to warn the kids in your area in the coming years!!).

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you - I am getting used to DLS now so the kids are safe haha! Peanut butter is so good is so many different recipes - savoury and sweet! Good stuff :-) Megan x

  6. I see that pink building has made an appearance again :-) It's so lovely!
    Thanks for joining in again! Looking forward to our Bellingen Crafternoon Tea Party :-D

    Sarah x


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