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A little break...

A little while ago, I quietly packed up shop and put Hazel and her friends on the train for a much-needed break. They were tired, and I was tired and as we sat pondering our exhaustion, we all realized what a big year it had been. It was time for a rest and some quiet reflection.

So as I waved them off, I sighed with a sense of relief as the bundle slipped off my shoulders onto the ground. My creativity had gone on holiday too, though long before I or even Hazel noticed.

According to an article I once read in some magazine, creativity needs rest to flourish. I had no such expectations, I just wanted the rest. In my case, it turns out that it is true. The minute I decided to take a moment, the pressure that had engulfed me resided and the ebb became flow once again.

Hazel and Brandy, all ready for a break!

It was a relief to have bright sparks of inspiration running through my dreams again. However, I knew rest was paramount so I let my ideas play while I sipped tea and pondered knitting a row on my scarf.

I may or may not have indulged in chocolate while I closed my online shops, and deleted my social media profiles. I needed the courage and feel good stuff that chocolate is apparently said to produce.

All I know is that chocolate tastes GOOD.

What at first was an odd feeling, to be free to simply rest, became a sense of peace while my mind traveled up and down the creative highways, discovering forgotten joys and pursuits. The pressure generating an income by constantly producing new work can be enormous, and under the load, my creativity buckled.

Offline, I noticed the little things again - the birdsong and first blush of Spring on the trees. I breathed deeply and felt myself expand with the beauty and wonder surrounding me. Maybe it is wishful thinking, or a desire to believe in the magical, but ideas and aspirations flow best for me when the moon is full.

With less time spent on Instagram, my head had more space and in the stillness that being mostly unplugged can bring, I realized I was learning and observing new things each day. Life is still very busy, but the small amount of space I took back from social media, in particular, helped me find clarity and renewed purpose. To realize the creative process needs this space and time, to reflect, to grow and to learn.

For the first time in quite a while, I feel inspired and grateful to creativity. It is a mystical, winged creature that chooses when and how it will deliver new ideas and inspiration. It is fluid and intangible, sometimes ebb, sometimes flow. And I have learned you can anticipate it's arrival much more easily when you allow yourself some space and learn to embrace the silence.

It seems it isn't really creative block after all, more a gentle beckoning to sit and just listen for a time.

They say change is as good as a holiday - do you find this sentiment to be true? What is your favourite way to take a break?

Megan x

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  1. Such a thoughtful post Megan that really resonates with me at the moment. My 100 day goal is to increase my income from my creative business and it is starting to feel relentless.

    1. Hi Gina! I am so glad you could relate to this post. It can be quite challenging keeping up your enthusiasm sometimes when you are striving towards something, especially with a creative business. Your work is beautiful! Make sure you take a little break, even for a day, to nourish your soul so you have the energy to keep going! Megan xx


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