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A Crafternoon Tea Party in Bellingen NSW | December 15th

I have always dreamed of a delightful afternoon, like a tea party, but with creativity thrown in for good measure! Since I have never come across one such event, I decided something must be done and on this premise, I am co-hosting a Crafternoon with Sarah from Say! Little Hen.

It seems like a jolly fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, at the end of the year. We are holding our event at Cedar Bar and Kitchen, in Bellingen. 

Which is just the cutest cafe/restaurant you have ever seen! See?

Adorable! Anyway, apart from having the cutest venue ever and the need to indulge our creative whims, there are actually two really good reasons for our crafternoon tea party!

The first is to bring together and connect creative people and crafters in our local area (or further afield, we don't mind!) The wonderful thing about craft is that it is a bridge for building new relationships and experiences with other people, who you might not even share anything else in common with! I find it amazing that something as simple as knitting or stitching or weaving can build communities among women, where there are sometimes significant cultural or religious differences.

I have met so many people and built so many friendships through my creativity. It is a conversation starter and there is nothing better than being able to share your love of a particular craft with someone else and to learn from each other. Craft is also incredibly therapeutic - it is a healthy escape from the stresses of life. There is so much more to it than just making something!

The second reason is to also give a little back to our Australian farmers, who are experiencing a pretty severe drought just now. As makers, so many of our craft supplies have their origins on the land - whether it's the wool you knit with or the cotton you sew with. Sarah and I have both spent most of our lives in rural, farming areas and a lot of our friends are farming in one way or another. We decided that along with holding a lovely crafternoon for our local community, that we would also donate a portion of the ticket price to Aussie Helpers, a drought relief charity.

It's been such an intense, crazy year for so many of us and I just know personally how much being able to create something with my own hands helps me cope with difficult situations. We really hope that this event will give everyone a little creative therapy. 

We thought hard about what kind of creative project that would be accessible to all skill levels, regardless of what craft you practice. It's important that the Crafternoon is inspiring too, so that whether you knit, sew, weave, stitch, paint or scrapbook, you can still come along and have a great time. The project we chose is a gorgeous stitchable sweater ornament and something ANYONE can have fun doing!

There are also going to be a couple of creative demonstrations by some lovely local ladies - showcasing their skills. It's a surprise for now, but we will share closer to the event! 

I have also been thinking of demonstrating something, the trouble is, I still can't think of what. Whenever someone asks me a question, I am always happy to help but trying to think of what I know that someone else might not know and also find interesting to learn about, is tricky. When you are so used to what you do, it's hard to think of it from the view of someone who doesn't know what you do.

 I don't know if that makes sense or not! 

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little bit about this lovely afternoon, and extend the invitation to you if you are in the area or in driving distance. You can find all the details and book your place here on Sarah's website, but here is the gist of it below!

A Crafternoon Tea Party
Cedar Bar and Kitchen, Bellingen NSW
December 15th - 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Come along for a fun afternoon of creativity and raise money for a good cause. Whether you stitch, knit, crochet or sew, you are invited to a fabulous afternoon of crafty indulgence. Dress up in your favourite frock, bring a friend & a craft project for a fun tea party featuring demonstrations and craft stalls, to celebrate all things creative and aid in drought relief for Aussie farmers.

Book your spot HERE

I hope to see you there! 
Megan x

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  1. Oh this sounds like the most perfect afternoon! I will not be able to join this one due to the fact we will not quite have moved up there yet, but perhaps if it is a success and you hold it again I shall join the next!


    1. Hoping it will be a big success and we can do more! It would be lovely to have you come Emma! Megan x

  2. How I wish I wasn't on the other side of the world as it sounds like a lovely idea. I know exactly what you mean about teaching skills. When you know something it seems so obvious that it is easy to forget it is something brand new to another person. Gina x

    1. Thank you so much Gina! It's a bit of a nuisance, being so far away isn't? At least the internet makes it much easier to connect with people now! Megan x


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