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Here and Now | September 2018

I haven't been blogging a lot this year, so it feels like forever since I joined in one of the lovely Here & Now linkups with Say! Little Hen. I always enjoy this link-up as the prompts are a great way to pay attention to some of the little things I have been up to lately.

Spring is here, according to the calendar. We've enjoyed and gratefully received a couple of early Spring storms - quite a spectacular show was had on Friday night. The lightning was magnificent and the wind was more than a little wild. Henry (my Shih Tzu x ) was a little bit alarmed when his bed outside went flying into the yard. He looks a little bit like Toto so I guess it's okay for his furniture to have a Wizard of Oz like experience.

I'm finally starting to settle in a little bit to our new area, we have been in NSW since Christmas time last year and I still don't feel like I know which way is up or down sometimes. It's amazing how many little things you know about your local area or the faces that are familiar at the checkout - you don't realize this until you up and move hundreds of kilometers to resettle. 

Some lovely local ladies have started a very informal craft group - meeting at a local cafe for an hour or two to just sit and enjoy some knitting. It's a reminder to me how much craft and creativity can serve to connect us, especially at a time of displacement. I must admit I have really enjoyed these craft sessions and the fact it has helped me feel a little more rooted in my new community has helped a great deal.

Hazel, ever the center of attention

Because I can't exactly take along the sewing machine, I have been knitting or crocheting while we chat and have taken to trotting a couple of the dolls along for a bit of show and tell. Hazel is of course in her element - she loves being the center of attention but last week, it was the Waldorf doll's turn. It did feel a bit strange walking around town with a basket of dolls in hand!

With Spring, the garden has had a bit of a bloom and some gigantic hares have hopped by - thankfully they seem to have a complete disinterest in the lettuce - touch wood!

As a treat, I have purchased a couple of beautiful posies to bring some colour inside. Not that there isn't enough colour, with all the fabric and pencils getting around here, but for some reason, I absolutely love gorgeous bouquets of blooms. The bouquet below was grown locally and without chemicals, something I was so excited to learn. The center purple flower that looks rose-like is, in fact, edible kale. Fascinating!

Finally to my Here and Now

Loving // the warmer weather - even though my feet still need socks and the teacups still need warming before the tea leaves go in!

Eating //  Cauliflower soup and a 'white' pizza - consisting of a sourdough base, caramelized onions, a cream sauce, rosemary, lemon thyme, preserved lemon, and parmesan cheese.

Drinking // Herbal teas to help with my water intake on these still-cool days

Feeling // Like I have a lot of things I want to achieve this week!

Making // Sauerkraut - I have never made it before and I can't wait to see what it is like!

Thinking // That in NSW I will prefer summer, as opposed to North Qld where I definitely preferred winter!

Dreaming //  Of days at the beach, toes wriggled into warm sand and cool, clear ocean waters

What's been going on in your here and now?


Share with a Here & Now post of your own, either on your blog, Instagram or even in the comments below! It's a fun way of documenting the little things month to month, and also a good way to get the words flowing again if you're feeling a bit stuck with your blogging. See here at Say! Little Hen


  1. Your H&N is so pretty, Megan! All those lovely flowers and gorgeous dolls!
    Hurray for Spring xo


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