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From Winter into Spring

Winter has slowly melted into Spring, with the days growing lighter, earlier. I've been looking forward to the coming warmth, and Spring storms, two of which we have been lucky to experience in the first week of September. With our only water supply a rainwater tank, it is with gratitude that I receive the first rains of the season. 

A few early mornings in late August, possibly brought on by a burst of full-moon creativity gave me the chance to enjoy the calm quiet of the early hours, and see the sun rise over the hills, highlighting the dew drops on the garden, turning simple leaves into sparkling jewels. Captured in time through the lense of my camera.

Creatively, I've been enjoying just pottering about. Stitching on some new designs and leaving a lot of ideas on the pages of my sketchbooks. Fresh posies of beautiful flowers from local farms are a welcome treat, filling the house will colour and joy.

Spring is here, the birdsong has changed and the winds are warmer. However, the frosty mornings and need to wear socks all day tells me that Winter hasn't quite said goodbye just yet.


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