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Annie, a Waldorf-Inspired Doll + Resources and Tips

I have really enjoyed my adventure in designing and making little Waldorf-inspired dolls so far. It has been something I have wanted to try for quite some time. I don't think I would have been able to pick it up as quickly, if I hadn't already had a lot of dollmaking experience. That's what I love about making a lot of different items over time - each one often teaches you skills that you can then go and apply to a completely different sewing project.

I consider Annie my first-ever proper waldorf-inspired doll. She was a little wool-filled head, rolling around my desk for months. That might sound a little gruesome, but I promise you it really isn't. Annie's head moved interstate with us, and I found it when I was unpacking - a month or two later.

Note here to say that if you have ever moved a considerable fabric and creative supply stash any distance, you will know how long it takes to unpack everything!

Inspired to turn the little head into a little doll, I made Annie. She took a little while to get her clothes as I wasn't quite sure what style she needed. Eventually, I chose a sensible bloomer and blouse combination as she had an adventurous spirit and I thought clothing she could run, climb and play in trees with would be most suited. She also has a backpack to put her treasures in.

I like making my dolls to be simple and childlike. Of course you can be any age and love dolls - at one point in our life, we have all had a connection to a favourite doll or teddy bear. I think these memories are often reignited in adulthood when we come across softies and toys. For me, it's important a doll can be interactive if she is purchased or made for a child. So Annie's clothing, headband, shoes, socks and backpack are all removable.

It's fair to say I have had a reasonable amount of questions about my waldorf-inspired dolls - especially for those who are eager to try making one themselves. As a maker, I do like to have my little black book of secrets, but as most of them are involved in my own unique processes, I have created a small resources page you can now find here on the blog - with links to books, blogs, websites and some shops that I particularly love. 

The resources page has information not only for those wanting to adventure into the world of waldorf-inspired doll making but also a list of my favourite business tools and craft books.

You can find it here - if you know someone who would find this page useful, please direct them back here, to my blog as I would love for more people to enjoy my work.

Back to Annie - I am currently taking a break from selling my work (finished dolls and sewing patterns alike) - If you would like to support my little business and are interested in purchasing a Dolly Henry doll, simply subscribe to the list here and you will receive all the latest updates on all things Dolly Henry (blog posts included)


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