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When Hazel Met Hamilton

Love is in the air for Hazel. She has a new boyfriend. His name is Hamilton.

Hazel's quest for love started last year when she signed up for the Love Forest Matchmaker app. She's a modern deer and the attempts on her Grandmother's behalf to help her meet potential suitors had been something of an ordeal. So encouraged by a successfully matched friend, Hazel joined.

A month into her quest, Hazel was getting nowhere. Her poor little hands hurt from all the furious swiping she was doing, and she had missed out on all the latest episodes of her favourite TV series Bambi's Revenge: Poachers Hunted by Deer. (yes I know it sounds scary!) To top it off, she was no longer much fun socially as she would only eat celery after a date with a potential suitor had gone sour and he had called her fat. 

Finally Hazel decided she was going to try something else. She went speed dating and couldn't keep up. Nobody told her there was actual running involved. She responded to some newspaper advertisements with mixed results, finding that most of the people she met did not want a serious relationship...or in some cases, any relationship at all.

It was a wise friend who took the flustered Hazel by the hand and told her she simply must be patient, and that if she had gone looking for a best friend the way she had been looking for a soul mate, she would realize the insanity behind her relentless pursuing. Exhausted by her efforts and feeling a little worse for wear, Hazel agreed and booked herself a ticket on a cruise ship. 

She needed some relaxation after the past six months of hectic activity. 

It was on the cruise that Hazel met Hamilton. They had both signed up for the talent show and they had a shared love for singing. It turned out that neither of them was very talented in that department, and while their duet had the audience reaching for their ear plugs, Hazel and Hamilton knew that they had something special. 

They enjoyed a lovely holiday exploring Islands and the further corners of the globe. On the last day of the cruise, Hamilton confessed his true love for Hazel, and she found the feeling was mutual.

Hamilton is a freelance writer and photographer, so he is often trotting the globe on new assignments.
Hazel has her suspicions that he might really be a spy! Whatever Hamilton is or isn't, Hazel is very glad to have met him, and while their relationship is often long-distance, Hamilton always returns to Hazel when his assignment is complete.


Megan xx


  1. Hamilton is gorgeous, the perfect match for Hazel!
    I loved reading their story, and am glad that Hazel finally saw the error of her ways. Also, Hazel's favourite TV show sounds VERY scary!!

  2. I love reading your stories and so happy Hazel found a soulmate.

  3. I'm so happy for Hazel! I really enjoy your writing Megan, especially the detours which always distract and delight me :) Thank you for a great read xox


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