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Dolly Deer Patchwork Cushion

It's taken me a little while to finish this cushion cover. It's been a work in progress for a year or so. No, it didn't take that long but you know how these projects start and then somehow become...forgotten. Please forgive me, we did move house somewhere in between and I wasn't intentional in my neglect.

I remember because it was awhile ago I stitched the cover together, that I enjoyed making this one. Incorporating my Dolly the Deer fabric into the design made it extra special, and potentially this is one of the few projects that I have actually managed to stitch a hexagon flower onto.
The other hexagon flowers sadly fall into the neglected WIP's in waiting category. 

That's like a lady in waiting but for stuff made out of fabric. They do not get tea and cucumber sandwiches while they wait.

The pattern I used is actually none other than my Washi Fox cushion cover pattern. I simply opted to not do the Foxy part. The hexagon flower with deer center took her place. This pattern is really very fun, I encourage you just try and stop at making just one! 

If you don't need any more cushion covers (which I won't judge you for, but do have difficulty understanding as a possible cushion hoarder...) you can turn this panel into many panels...and possibly turn the many panels into a quilt. Or you could make one mini quilt or a bag!

See, the creative juices will flow when you make this design... 

This cover even inspired me to try some quilting with free-style daisies on the machine - don't judge, I don't know the technical terms, freestyle it is going to have to be! 

And I quite like the big scallopy stitch my machine already owns so I made it lovely and big and stitched some lovely big scallopy quilty stitches today. 

That sentence just gave my grammar program a heart attack...

The scallopy words now make me feel like fish and chips.... 


The ric-rac I dressed up using an idea I saw on lots of my handmade things that my Grandmother made me as a child. Little stitches and french knots. Simple but fun! 

I really love this cushion, I hope it inspires you to make your own version using the Washi Fox Cushion Cover Pattern. The Dolly the Deer fabric will be back in stock by July if you want to try your hand with some too! 

Megan xx

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