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On Telling Stories with Thread

The cold winter days seem to have arrived, and I have a feeling I am going to have to upgrade my wardrobe. Slippers are a permanent fixture on my feet these days, and perhaps I am a bit dramatic but I did mutter something about needing gloves while I took Henry for a walk. It will take a while for this girl from the North to acclimatize to her new surroundings!

I am enjoying my social media break so far, though it was a little bit like a new diet at first. At the start, I was riding on a wave of excitement and feeling like a child skipping school. As the weeks have gone by, it is feeling a little more strange to not be where all the action is. I do still like the freedom but somehow, these platforms have done incredibly well to create a hub on the internet where if you are NOT using social media, you feel like a tourist who has opted out of the standard tour and is freestyling it on the backroads.

I've read a few blog posts and even brought the subject into discussion with people in real life, and it seems to be something that resonates with a few of us just now. I am definitely not against social media, everything has it's place but I feel like it has very much become the center pivot of society now and it's quite dull! The other day I was walking into the supermarket to do the groceries and happened to be carrying a cup of coffee. An older man asked me randomly "Good Coffee?" before smiling and continuing on his way, his wife pushing the trolley beside him. 

I must admit, I have more incidental and meaningful conversation most of the time with people in my Grandparents generation, and it feels like it must have been easier for those in that generation to meet new people and make new friends. If I have the same interaction with someone my own age - if you can get them to look up from their phone - it's often met with a blank look, something like a grunt and I can see very clearly they don't know quite what to do. Obviously, not everyone is like this thank goodness, but a lot of people are now and it's quite sad! I wonder if the stranger danger pummelled into us from such early ages has contributed to the fact that young people find it more strange to have incidental conversation....

Anyway, this is all getting a bit too deep for a random blog post so I will move on from my soap box now!

I've been enjoying a bit more reading than usual lately, and it's quite good for settling down my mind after a busy day. I have so many things going on in my head just now, it's good to just sit quietly and absorb my thoughts in something entirely different. I tend to read lighter, fluffier things these days, as I prefer to read for enjoyment and to relax. Serious issues and heavy stuff are for the newspapers. I like to escape into an idealistic world and quirky storyline when I am reading. I purchased a copy of FLOW magazine, and I think it may become a favorite. It's a magazine focussed on creativity and artists, woven with different stories and articles about people around the world and their work. 

There was also quite a few interesting articles about creativity that I enjoyed, one such piece talking about how important it is for you to do nothing sometimes to allow your creativity to come through. Doing nothing is a bit of a rarity these days, but it is essential for the brain to rest and for new ideas to blossom. I would have to say that I was guilty of some of the habits the writer mentioned, checking into my iPad as a break time, when spending time occupied online doesn't count as "doing nothing"
Resting on the couch or your bed with nothing going on in front of you, or going for a walk is much better for your brain cogs to churn out new ideas. It's funny isn't?

I've transitioned into a new phase of my photography since we moved. Every time we have moved, I have had to change the way I do things. Once, I used to take photos of my products in front of a white wall and then the house we moved to was a spectacular collection of rainbow rooms - which we repainted as soon as we were able. For quite awhile, I had to use photo boards and backdrops. I wanted that bright white clean look at that point in time. 

These days, I am opting for a more realistic, down to earth sort of style. I feel like I can finally use the camera to make the ordinary look beautiful. This style also reflects where I am currently in my creative journey - I am trying a more relaxed approach, craft has been a therapy and a constant in a period of massive change. There has been a shift in how I make things, I am always reminding myself to focus on creating one or two wonderful things rather than churning out a lot of so-so things. It helps me to be more mindful of what I am doing and to only make when I truly feel inspired.

In everything I make and do, I seek to enrich my own life, and the lives of others, and I am a big believer (now, not always!) in slowing down and enjoying the process. Taking images that are a bit more raw and real captures some of this. The dolls snuggled into the pillows on my furniture. The kits I pack at the dining table, which is nearly 100-years old and has been in the family since it's creation. The Henry dog looking up at me and thinking "I wish you would take me for a walk!" 

All of these facets contribute to each detail I stitch, draw and design. There really is a thought and a memory caught up in every piece of the things I make, and I really do seek to tell stories with thread.

Megan xx


  1. Lovely post Megan. I too have a love/hate relationship with social media. I feel like I need to 'opt out' some days. And I so agree with you about the social interaction we have 'real life'! I too seem to strike up conversations with an older generation quite easily and happily, whilst the younger lot can barely manage a smile. I cannot believe the amount of people wasting time on their phones whilst life is happening and slowly passing them by. xx

    1. I know Therese, it's really sad isn't? Mobile phones are great for so many things but they are like all the other good things in life - too much of one thing and the effects can become negative!


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