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Meet Annie - Waldorf Inspired Doll

For years I have absolutely loved steiner/waldorf inspired dolls. I love their round chubby faces, and adorable hair. I love especially that you can make them super cute clothes and they look like sweet little people. For years I have admired from afar and hoped one day I would be able to have a go at making some myself. Last year, I made the decision to dive in. I bought a book that looked okay and my first waldorf-inspired doll was born. You can see her here.

I was pretty happy with Lilo at the time, given she was my first doll using a completely foreign set of techniques that was de-mystified as I made her. The book instructions were a little tricky for me to follow and I didn't quite get the results I wanted. But I was okay with that because it's a learning process and whenever I do something totally new, the first time is always a bit like fumbling around in the dark until I get the gist of it. With the mistakes under my belt and a better comprehension for the process involved, it's like having the blindfold removed for take two.

Meet Annie. Her little head has been rolling around for quite awhile. I hope that doesn't sound morbid but it's true. I made her head last year sometime, after Lilo. And due to moving and all that didn't get back to finishing her until now. Yesterday when I was eating breakfast, I spied my doll book on the shelf and it twigged in me that I would start working on that little head. I pretty much abandoned my book this time and just sort of winged it!

You know those times when you have spent ages wanting to do something and then when you do it turns out to be so much fun? Well, that was me with this doll! I loved every step, from stuffing her limbs to working on her curly hair.

Annie currently doesn't have any clothes so she is borrowing Melody Mouse's dress. I am still pondering her outfit. She may end up keeping Melody's dress but I will do my best to make sure she returns it. I couldn't wait to start working on another doll, and already there is a new little head in the works.

I wonder who she'll become!

Megan xx


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