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Making Hazel Dolls

Hazel has been continuing her plan for world domination this week! As she whispered her secret plans in my ear, I set about creating some more little Hazel Deer so that she can be one step closer to her goal.

Three seemed like a good number to make together and my sister very kindly stepped in to help me stuff the little Hazel arms and legs while I focused on stitching Hazel's rosey cheeks and flirty lashes. 

I went for three very different but very darling looks, and after a couple of days and many hours of work, Hazel has three new sisters to join her at the Brisbane Finders Keepers market in June.

I used my Hazel Deer Doll pattern and some of the gorgeous tassel trim from the Dolly Henry shop to create these gorgeous dolls. I also have been dying to work with this fabric so I incorporated it into Fig's outfit!

Would you like a more formal introduction?

This is Bella. She has a sweet disposition and absolutely loves ice-skating! It's her favorite thing to do besides shopping for her couture wardrobe. Bella has won quite a few skating championships, and having conquered the ice-skating world, is now working on her ballet moves.

Bright, and bubbly, Fig loves old-fashioned picnics with jam sandwiches and tinned sardines. Fig reads lots and lots of Enid Blyton and is rumored to be starting her own "secret seven" society! (could this be a cover for Hazel's world domination plans??) 

Finally,  meet Piper. Piper lives in a beautiful white weatherboard cottage near the beach and makes necklaces from the shells she gathers on the sandy shoreline. Piper is well known for always having a pot of hot tea on the stove and her delicious ginger cake.

Things are going along quite well here just now, though there are a few nudie dolls that are still waiting for some attire! I had better get cracking on those because the weather has become quite chilly and I don't want them catching cold. I'm already layering up - every year I want to do Me Made May and it's rolling around again! Unfortunately, I don't have the time to commit to it (again!) this year but I will do my best to slip something in here and there if I can. I was layered up in a jumper and a dress I made out of a beautiful floral the other day, so I took a casual self-portrait in attempt to at least salute Me Made May from afar, even if I can't participate as fully as I would like!

If you would like to purchase a Hazel Doll you will be able to find them on my stall at the Brisbane Finders Keepers in June. Alternatively, I have published Hazel as a pattern on my website, with both the PDF and Paper versions available. There are kits coming soon too!

Megan xx


  1. Your new dress is so pretty Megan! I love those layers, and the pink roses of course :) xo

  2. I love the Hazels, the world domination plan seems to be well under way!
    And your dress is so pretty xx


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