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Tips for Beating Creative Block

For the past two weeks, I have rebelled against the should do feelings with Dolly Henry and just done what I felt like doing...I know, I live on the edge haha!

It's brought my creativity back with a whoosh and I have enjoyed sewing and making so much I haven't wanted to stop and do the less fun things there are to do in a business.

Which made me think...should I stop and take stock now and then to see what the business you are building is actually turning into? What foundations am I really putting down? In other words, is it the cute country cottage you envisaged or are you building a multi-complex concrete prison?

You can think about your creativity like this too. Are you actually making what you really super duper want to be making or are you on the should do wagon? You can end up on this one quite easily with your sewing I've found. Should make gifts - sometimes you don't actually want to make the gifts, it's okay to go and buy a lovely gift instead! Should do the latest block of the month or whatever is circulating Instagram - but maybe you really don't want to try and keep up with the latest trend!

In my experience, creative block lurks around the corners of the should-dos and the have-to-dos.

It can become a bit like a mouse-wheel this creative business stuff. And I have been there and fallen off my mouse-wheel before. I am not interested in hopping on that ride again.

I found out I am going to be attending the Brisbane Finders Keepers in June, and among the excitement was the knowledge I needed to start getting ready as soon as possible. Because good things take time, and I plan to take a lot of good things.

I have learned the hard way. I am not a highlighters and stickers and charts kind of girl. That works for household chores. It doesn't work for my creativity. It sort of sucks it up like a very hungry sponge and leaves me high and dry. So I have created a very calm mantra I remind myself of when the stress starts to rise up. The stress caused by the fear of not getting it all done.

The mantra is "I will do my best, I will have fun and I will see what I end up with." Very zen I know.

I have really been enjoying making things again this week and it struck me that I would like to do more of this. Amidst helping you to create and be inspired, I have to be careful that I don't spend all my time doing that and not ever getting play with the fabric and threads myself.

Balance...that magical word. So often I reach for it but it's more like wobbling like a jelly all over the tightrope, instead of calmly and steadily executing the act.

My plan to be ready is to do one thing each day for the Finders Keepers - whether I make something new to take or cross something off the to-do list. It would be easy if I could just close up shop for the next few months and focus solely on that one event, but it kind of doesn't work like that so, for now, I am a busy-Lizzy.

Right now, I am really enjoying making some dolls AND not turning everything into a pattern! That's not to say I won't pattern some of these things in the future but I don't want to just now, so I won't.

If you have been suffering any kind of business or creative block here are a few tips to get unstuck and also avoid it next time! Get a notepad ready!

#1 - Identify why you are feeling stuck. Write it down, what you don't like and why you don't like doing it. Let go, don't let the should-do guilt seep in, just say it like a kid who doesn't like his broccoli.

#2 - Write down who or what is currently inspiring you - whatever has peaked your interest lately. Do you fly past multiple pins on Pinterest thinking "I want to make that one day?" or stare at your instagram feed wishing you could do what she's doing? Write all that down.

#3 - Now, as soon as you can, go and make something. Not the project that's been there for five weeks or the one you feel like you should have started yesterday. Go and make something that is something you've wanted to do for ages. If you've been suffering creative block, picking something that isn't a massive project is a good place to start.

#4 - It sounds like retail therapy and no this wouldn't be a good habit to do all the time but sometimes you need a little treat. Go shopping and buy yourself some new supplies, chances are you've wanted these for awhile. You don't have to spend the baked bean money but DO grab a couple of new things to play with. If you can go shopping locally, do it. If you can't jump online and get your order in the mail! Purchase a PDF pattern and you can download and start making that very hour.

#5 - Change it up! Have you wanted to try a new style? Now is the time! Have you wanted to experiment with how you share your things on Instagram? Do that too! Be creative and keep fun at the front of your mind!

#6 - This last one works a treat but it is a little less fun. Tidy up and de-clutter. There is nothing that blocks creativity like a messy me. If you feel overwhelmed, deal with your stash and ruthlessly cull anything you know you are never going to use. There is no room for guilt in craft. Destash it on Facebook or Instagram, or give it to a friend or charity group. There are places your unwanted fabrics would be more appreciated. My friend Michelle at Cole and Taffy has some great destash tips.

If you have any tips to share, I'd love to hear them! And if you try any of mine and find they work, please let me know.

Megan xx


  1. It took me so long to learn those tips you've mentioned in your excellent article! I wish you'd been around to offer timely advice back then :) xo

    1. If only we could BUY good advice right when we need it! :-)

  2. Wonderful tips Megan! And a great blog post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts xx

    1. Thank you so much Lauren, I'm glad you enjoyed it! x

  3. Hi Megan,

    Great tips! Thanks for linking to my blog.

    Michelle xx


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