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Miss Mouse Doll and Embroidery

I'd like to introduce you to Miss Mouse. She hasn't got a first name yet, but I couldn't wait any longer to share her! Miss Mouse has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of weeks now, she is a new design and I have been letting it simmer a bit. I wasn't quite sure what I would do with Miss Mouse right away, whether I would put her into a pattern or make her up as a finished doll for my shop.

I think for now, it's nice to have something just for me to make, so I will be keeping her as a finished design for the shop. I had a lot of fun creating a little dress for her, using my personal stash of Little Dolly fabrics by Elea Lutz for her clothing and headwrap.

Perhaps she was sub-consciously inspired by my Mousey sketches, that feature on my Beautiful Things Sewing Mug and greeting cards. When I was a toddler and little girl, I had a handmade mouse my Mum made, a bit different to Miss Mouse here but just as cute. My mouse had a big frilly dress and frilly cap, a bit of a country mouse as the pattern style was back then. I also remember two little felt mice my sisters got from a market when we were children. Perhaps I remember them so strongly because I didn't get one. If memory serves me correctly, I was a little bit naughty that day and missed out on getting a treat from the markets! 

Miss Mouse reminds me of all these little mouse-dolls from my childhood. Handmade creations at that. I designed a completely new flutter sleeve dress for Miss Mouse, it's so cute, I wish I had one in my size! Her french bloomers and shoes are equally as adorable.

I love it when an idea finally comes to life. This one has been simmering away in my head for quite awhile and then the day came when it was obviously meant to happen and I set to work! My friend Lauren calls it "percolating" which I think is a very apt term! An idea sitting there, simmering, bubbling and growing delicious until it is just right.

I stitched my little friend's face using embroidery cotton, and her nose using one of the gorgeous hand-dyed threads I keep in the shop. It's lovely and soft to use, and it's also a bit more fun having a variegated effect.

Turning to threads, I have rather an exciting sneaky peek for you. And seeing as it's also mousey related, I thought now was a good time to mention it. The next photo is exciting for me, because I finally got around to sorting my mess of an embroidery box into a neat and tidy carded set but that's not what I think you'll find interesting!

Scroll on

Here! Above, an exciting stitchy kit coming soon to my store, this design features my own original illustrations that you can embellish over with thread. Obviously I have a lot more to say on this subject, but enjoy the sneak peek for now! I've started stitching a sample and hope to have these in the Dolly Henry store in the coming weeks.

Can you spy Miss Mouse among the flowers, cactus and mushrooms? This design is inspired by a rambling garden and hopefully when you see the full picture, you will understand.

That's pretty much all my mousey news! How cute is that tiny dress? I wouldn't be surprised if you see Miss Mouse as a pattern one day but for now, keep an eye out for future ready-made dolls!

Megan xx


  1. wow she is so cute and I hope she does become a pattern in the future ;)

    1. Thank you so much Lianne! I have a bit of work to do before she is released into the wild as a pattern ;-)

  2. She is so adorable! Very well done! I love all your sweet dolls! I have been wanting to purchase your pixie and Hazel patterns to make for a coworkers girls. I need to get serious and do it, lol! I hope Miss Mouse becomes a pattern too!

    1. Hi Kathleen, thank you so much! Well Pixie and Hazel are a great way to start, both of their patterns have great results while being quite simple to make. I'd love to see photos if you do get to making some of my patterns! Megan x

  3. Miss Mouse is so, so cute! She's just one of those perfect creations, a little like Estelle was, that just has a special charm about her.


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