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Indulging my Creative Whims

Hello blog. Yes I feel the need to greet the blog, as well as my readers today. I have had a stack of blog posts in my head over the past week or so, but for one reason or another, haven't had the time or inclination to sit down and get words onto the screen. I have a cup of tea beside me and the weather has turned crisp and cool all of a sudden. As usual, the words I intended to write for so long are elusive and this post will weave itself into something new.

When you have a blog, you are supposed to give each post a title that comes up in google searches to drive traffic to your site. I have never really managed that because I don't write how to do posts much and also I don't generally write about things that people search for. I also don't really have a professional reason for having my blog, it's probably more of a hobby even as a component of my business. I like to write, stretch out my thoughts and put words down. It's oddly therapeutic.

I've been so busy on the business front lately, working on all the behind the scenes boring parts such as website, inventory and social media marketing. This week, after attending a local market, I had decided to take Monday off and just revel in some good old-fashioned creating. I did this and enjoyed it so much, I felt like a child skipping school. So the creating stretched into Tuesday, then Wednesday...Thursday rolled around and my schedule mentioned something about bookkeeping and I refused to surface from my puddle of creativity. Today is Friday and I mean to finish up my projects for the week, knowing that next week I will have to be a good girl again.

It's been interesting, observing my process and how I work this week. I think I am more efficient when I stay on track of one thing. I probably should have done something about it by now. It seems that I work best when I can just keep going, without interruption. Of course each day has it's own little interruptions, that is the hard part of doing work at home. But I mean structuring each day to have a to-do list of various items. For example, loading stock on the website, chasing up suppliers, writing a blog post, popping onto Facebook and also trying to squeeze in some creating. It just doesn't work terribly well for me I have noticed. If I do all that, the creating gets neglected as my brain goes into admin and computer mode. It's hard to emerge from all that and feel relaxed enough to potter around and create.

So even though this week I haven't put new stock online or attended to me books, I am working in a rhythm and a flow that I've been unable to tap into until I decided to clear the desk and just focus on sewing. It struck me while I was working that I need this time to go slowly and do creative development. Not only finding what it is I want to bring to the world but also work on new ideas for my patterns. This isn't something I can schedule in among the housekeeping of the business.

When I am writing a blog post, I have discovered to keep the words coming I need to do two things.
One: Not be interrupted by anyone or background conversation or even someone mumbling about something invades my process and I struggle to keep the flow going. This is why I am choosy about when I sit down to write and why I am glad that the office has a room of it's own in our new abode with a door I can close.

Two: To just write about whatever first pops into my mind. Forgetting about whether I was supposed to write about Freckles the Fox's new colour change as I meant to, or do a catch-up post about the markets. I just start writing and see what happens. I've learned that making corrections as I go is the best way to stop the flow of writing and introduce creative block. So I leave that until the end now. I've been known to just write the word "something" when the correct word seems elusive, knowing I can come back at the end and look up or remember what "something" was supposed to be.

What I have learned this week is that I need to give into my creative desires more and just go with the flow. Because I do achieve things, even if it is in a lopsided fashion. I need to remember that while I am growing a business, I am an artist first and foremost and that pursuing creativity should be high on my priority list. I also need to remember to have fun and enjoy this journey, it's so easy to become anxious and stressed if I let negative thoughts slip in. Sometimes it's important just to let go and see where the road takes you. It's often when the magic happens.

Megan xx

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