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Moving Interstate and Meeting Kindred (Crafty!) Spirits

Hello! I feel like it has been ages since I have checked into this neck of the woods. In November 2017, we made the massive move from North Qld to NSW.... and it isn't quite over yet! I am still surrounded by boxes and as you can imagine, moving a business and *cough* sizable craft stash is no mean feat. Organising said stash is also an interesting undertaking at the other end of the move, I can assure you. The shelving that once housed my collection was built into the house we left behind, so I am busy trying to sort fabric, ribbons, boxes, and buttons into some kind of new version of organized chaos.

Things have been more complicated in a lot of ways than I ever anticipated, but that isn't surprising when you take into consideration the large distance and amount of items that had to travel it. In all honesty, I expected to be settled again by or around Christmas (then she laughed and laughed) Not so. It turns out that is also the time of year everyone goes on holidays so sorting out accommodation and even finding a new place to live was a lot more difficult than it would have been at any time of the year. I know, I shake my head at my own naive ideas now too.

The good news is, we have touched down and have been in the new place for just over a week! Despite the amount of work to do ahead, it is such a relief to be in what will become "home". I have lots of exciting creative plans for 2018, they have all been put on the back burner. I packed creative projects for the journey but I have done little more than knit a stitch or two and a bit of journalling. It seems I need to feel settled to be creative, I just can't stitch or sew or even dream of new things while I feel displaced. I am very much a homebody. I had my suspicions of course. I did wonder if the travel bug would hit me once I was on the road but I found very quickly that I am not a happy wanderer. I'm obviously like a little garden plant, needed some soil to spread my roots. Some people are pot plants. I am not.

Still it was an adventure and there were definitely amazing highlights!

Hazel went to the beach on the Sunshine Coast and if you are ever in Noosa definitely do try the Yum Cha at Embassy XO - amazing!

I also enjoyed several amazing visits with a dear friend, Kellie of Sew MimiK, who I met through my blog when it was a baby. That was such an interesting experience, meeting someone I knew so well through daily online chats and phone calls that had been had for the past couple of years, while never having met at all. Would we really be kindred spirits? Turns out, we actually were. Right down to admitting that we'd both wondered if our friendship would work in reality as it did in the online space. That probably sounds a bit odd, but really it isn't. Meeting face to face and having to whisper quietly about our fabric stash in public, rather than enthusing in text AT TOP KNOTCH volume with countless emojis is totally different. It is!

We did the ultimate creative friend things. We ate cake and drank tea and talked fabric. We ate cake and drank tea and squealed over each other's projects. We ate cake and drank tea and went fabric shopping. It was a fabric/crafty friend fairy tale. I bought a delightful selection of fabrics that will serve as a wonderful souvenier of this time, and any projects I create from them will have a little extra fairy dust, I am sure.

We, of course, stopped occasionally to wonder if this was actually us enjoying all this crafty fun or our holograms that had mythically been transported to a magical place where we took our makes out to cafes, divulged the secrets of the sewing circles and spoke in the language of fabric collections. We also got to enjoy swapping Christmas gifts, here is the snail I crocheted for Kellie just before we left home.

Her pattern is Saffy the Snail, available here. I used this cotton from Say! Little Hen - her stitch markers are also a must have if you are doing amigurumi!

I must admit I was sad to pack away my fabric and say goodbye to Kellie. It is rare to find such a kindred spirit and even rarer still, to find someone who shares my same passion for all things fabric and sewing. I expected to cross the border into NSW to have some kind of fanfare but sadly, it is just a little sign on the highway announcing the fact in the most dull way possible. Was it unrealistic to think there would be an opportunity to pull over for a selfie and a parade of confetti to rain down on all newcomers? Something odd did happen. We lost an hour in the day. The clock had to wind forward as we changed to daylight saving. For the record, after a month, my internal clock that must be hardwired to the sun is still not used to it. I can see the benefits in some ways but my QLD side still thinks it is silly. I am not obstinate very often so please allow me this.

The climate is a definitely a lot milder. The many poor locals I have encountered will stand there sweating and discussing the humidity. I don't know whether to feel sorry for them, or feel smug that I keep forgetting it is summer. I actually don't know why there are air conditioners here. Unless you need them on reverse cycle for winter. I think the climate will have it's revenge on me come Autumn... I suspect I will freeze my North Qld behind off....

The beaches are beautiful in Northern NSW. The water is totally unlike the sticky, warm waters of the North of Qld. I know I sound like a total tourist here but the truth is I am. I have been in the far north of this great continent for most of my life and this is all so new. The waters are cold and clear and I actually felt like swimming. This is probably coupled with the fact you can walk your dog on the beach here without risking a crocodile making a meal of it. That is freedom, my friends. No reptilian ankle biters here!

So that is a quick summary of life as it sits right now. I am sorry if it was about as interesting as having to watch a slideshow of your great-Aunty-Jane's african safari... I am busy making a new website for Dolly Henry in between wondering where I am going to put all this fabric. I've got some exciting plans for 2018 and I can't wait to share them!

Megan xx


  1. It was the BEST visit ever!! My face ached from laughing and smiling so much:) Being able to introduce you to my family and prove to them you were "real" was an added bonus!
    The joy of speaking "fabric" without having to resort to using subtitles will never be undervalued. My boys try hard, but it's not long before they run to their caves to hide.
    I feel incredibly lucky you and Sarah were able to spend more time in South East Queensland than I'd dared to hope for. Your warm, lovely family made me feel like a lost family member! as did the dogs, all the furry five of them :)
    Thank goodness for fabric, yarn, tea, social media, cake and the best of friends,

    1. Thank you so much Kellie, we had an absolute ball catching up, didn't we? And now your family knows we aren't like the tooth fairy, we really do actually exist! They may have thought I was a figment of your fabric-loving imagination! Megan xx

  2. Welcome back dear Megan! It was lovely to read about your travels, and I look forward to seeing what magic you conjure this year xAli

  3. Sounds like a fabulous time with Kellie - meeting online friends IRL is the best!! So glad you’re back - I missed you and all your pretty makes!


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