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Sweet Prairie + Croissant

A little while ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on some gorgeous Sweet Prairie prints, a collection inspired by designer Sedef Imer's (of Down Grapevine Lane) love of all things floral! 

Sedef starts each new fabric collection by deciding on a colour palette, creating the main feature print and then experiments with different colour combinations before deciding on three colour ways. Following this, Sedef created the secondary prints (other florals and a leaf print), adding in some blenders (bias gingham and dots) to help break up the floral sweetness and balance the line.

The mix I chose is from two different colour ways and together they feel very Autumnal, perfect for Fall if you are in the Northern Hemisphere! It's summer here and I find these pretty fabrics so bright and cheerful, turning my thoughts to picnics, ice creams and days at the beach. 

I knew straight away I wanted to make a doll in these fabrics - several in fact! Croissant seemed to be a perfect choice to begin with. I used the dress from my Hazel Deer pattern and then made up a little apron and headband.

I absolutely love the little yellow polka dot, it's such a delightful shade and the scatter pattern of the tiny dots just lends itself beautifully as a coordinate and blender. I used the sweet pink floral for her dress, another lovely print featuring tiny blossoms and subtle polka dot background...the colour goes perfectly with Croissant's cheeks!

I got chatting with Sedef as I was making Croissant and we landed on the topic of chickens, as Sedef thought Croissant would be a brilliant name for one of the chicks in their next lot of hatchlings. I have to agree! With feathers on the brain, I decided to make a little felt chicken in honour of all this chicken-chat so Croissant now has her very own brown hen! It's a quirky little stuffie, featuring the a Sweet Prairie wing to match Croissant's pretty frock!

For those worried about the safety of this little brown hen in a cats company, Croissant has promised not to combine her love of pastry with poultry and out of loyalty to her new friend will now only be eating fish.

The blend of flowers and leaves is really lovely in the Sweet Prairie line, the prints all play really well together and make stitching up new creations a delight! I'm fascinated by fabric, the meanings behind the collection names and just how the designer comes up with the final print line up. Seeing as we bonded so well over a mutual love of chickens and possibly french bread (lol!) I asked Sedef if she could share a little bit about the design process for Sweet Prairie... 

Sedef's tools of the trade are Adobe Illustrator and her handy Wacom Pro design tablet. "With any new line, I typically start with a master sheet of hand drawings - lots of flowers, leaves, branches and other elements that get used (and sometimes repeated) throughout the line," she says. 

"It’s a fun process but also a lot harder and more time consuming than people realize - there are several months of labour (illustrating and colouring, playing with values and colour combinations) in Sweet Prairie for instance. I am getting faster though as I gain more experience as a fabric designer - my next line which is coming out next summer took me only two weeks. It’s such a fun process, though it can be frustrating if you have a clear vision in your mind for a print but just can’t get the colours or elements to reflect that vision. Like all things in life, practice makes perfect!"

You can purchase Sweet Prairie from Sedef's Etsy Store - Link Here and be inspired with the amazing projects Sedef creates over at her gorgeous blog Down Grapevine Lane

My Hazel Deer Pattern (for the dress) is available here, Croissant's pattern here and the knitted cardigan pattern is available from Say! Little Hen here

Megan xx

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