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Quilts + Mugs + Deer Wearing Sashes

It's been an effort getting to the blog lately...I've been flat out remembering to turn my brain on somedays let alone getting some time to just write. Summer is always a funny season to get used to - craft wise that is! We go from Winter days where crafting can be done at all hours, to having to rearrange the schedule if any crafting is to be achieved! 

The mornings are coolish and any photography or sewing should be done up until about 12 noon. When it hits 2pm it is definitely too hot to do anything but lie like a not-so cool cucumber until the relentless and uninspiring heat wears off at about 6pm. 

If the afternoon does get cool, it's because of a thunder storm. During which the machines must be unplugged incase of power surges. It is most disruptive. When night falls, so does the cool air but as we head deeper into Summer, the bugs are attracted to our house out in the bush with all it's beautiful lights, and things must be done by candlelight when the bugs are at their worst. 

Either that or you will have over a thousand earwigs and their buggy friends to deal with.

So I am here typing with one eye on the mountains out the window, seeing the thunder clouds rolling in and hoping I can get this blog written before I have to power down the computer.  I wanted to share a few recent makes, including this massive quilt project that I finally finished!! It's a birthday gift, belated now of course but still gratefully received. I am really happy with it but due to it being such a large quilt and in colours that are hard to do justice to with the camera, I've got photos here that are more glimpses than a full view of what this beauty looks like. I love it so much, that I couldn't bear to post the sub-par photos that made it look just plain average. That's pastels for you. And a lack of a perfectly styled, perfectly lit photography studio.

I made this quilt for my sister who doesn't like quilts. Challenge accepted I said, Cinderella you shall have a quilt for your birthday! I chose a modern fabric collection and colours I knew would make her go giddy and set to work. It's a completely random patchworked design, that's just how I roll. My favourite touches are the striped binding and the ruffle at the top.

In other news, I have turned some of my illustrations into the perfect crafter's mug!
There is nothing more soothing than an afternoon spent stitching away, cup of tea (or coffee!) in hand. This gorgeous mug encapsulates my love of creating, featuring gorgeous original illustrations and the quote "Stitching Mends the Soul".

Featured on the mug is Miss Mouse, one of the many little creatures that lives in the magical Dolly Henry world, alongside her favourite pink sewing machine and knitting needles. Surrounded by pretty pots, a pincushion, stars and cherries, this gorgeous mug is perfect for craft lovers who need a beautiful mug to accompany them on their stitchy adventures.

You can find them in the shop here. I am so happy with them, and it is so lovely to see some of my illustrations on a mug!

Speaking of mugs, our local post office changed hands recently so I made these postcard inspired mug rugs as a goodbye present to the former owners. Mark and Karen ran such an amazing little post office and helped me get my parcels out to you promptly and easily. The post office became a community hub under their care and I just wanted to thank them for all the help they had given me with my posting needs. 

I really love snail mail and regularly dream of a world where email doesn't exist and letters come in paper again! Of course email is jolly convenient so I decided to express my need for postcards, brown paper and stamps in fabric. 

Finally in this little makery round up, I give you Hazel modelling the sash + crown that will be given to the winner of the Miss Hazel Pageant. You have until November 14 to enter! Larisa wrote a lovely blog post about making her Hazel doll, you can read all about it here.

What's been happening in your makery?

Megan xx


  1. I love that ruffle on the quilt! It’s soo pretty! And I think that mug is adorable!!

  2. I am always inspired to create after viewing your lovey blog! Thanks for sharing 💞 oh such beautiful handmade with love creations ❤️

  3. The ruffle is insanely wonderful! I adore the whole quilt :) Your choice of simple quilting allows those gorgeous pastel fabrics to steal the show! It's just beautiful Megan xo


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