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Knitting (and stitching) keeps the mind from unravelling

My creativity has slowed to a standstill as we prepare to pack up and make the journey south. This is a good thing because there is nothing worse than being full of beans and being unable to make the ideas happen. We are making a big move, interstate, and the trip will be an amble down the coast. I'm already choosing craft to take a long with me, as I do need a bit of creative time to keep my sanity! Craft is truly my therapy, without it, I am like a boat without an anchor.

I've got lots of ideas for where I want to take Dolly Henry next year and in the future, but they are currently all confined to my dreams or scribbled in random notebooks. Right now, it's time to pack and get ready for change. It's been surprisingly difficult to pack the fabric, wrapping it in plastic bags and sealing it up into boxes. I've already got separation anxiety.

The craft I've chosen to leave out, for the road is all portable and easily done with limited space. My crochet basket will be coming with me, I really enjoy amigurumi so I was contemplating trying a new pattern. I've got a simple knitted scarf in progress and where we are moving will be much colder in the winter so I will sneak a row or two onto that now and then. I finally caved and bought a mindful colouring book, because it's actually got a purpose - the pages are removed and transform into cards and matching envelopes. I'm also working on this lovely embroidery from Molly and Mama right now so that will join me too. To top it off, I plan on bringing along my design journal, a scrapbook of snippets and inspiration I started a little while ago.

Between all these, I should feel creatively satisfied and I definitely won't be bored.

Hazel has submitted a request to join me on the trip. I told her if she was good, I will not pack her in a box. She's excited at the prospect of first-class travel.

There's still a lot of preparations and packing to be done. It's being able to pick up stitches in between the chaos that helps keep me grounded. I've got some wardrobe sewing to finish before the machine is boxed up too. Henry's crate arrived on Friday and he is learning to find it a new safe place and bed, it will be handy once we are traveling. There is still much to do, but every day I am reminded that craft is indeed a therapy and a form of meditation. The familiarity of some hand stitching is comforting with the prospect of so much change.

Megan xx

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