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Miss Marmalade - A Tiny Doll

I've been wanting to make a little tiny doll for quite awhile. I don't know why, but in all likelihood I saw some on Pinterest eons ago, they filtered into my crazy creative brain and I put them on my ever growing "to make list".... All the dolls I currently make are quite big, standing at around 17in tall on average. One afternoon when I was trying to nap and not succeeding, I sat up and ran into the sewing room to start making what would become Miss Marmalade...see told you I was crazy!

I embroidered her little face and added spectacles...something else I've wanted to add to a doll for a while. I decided she needed elegant underwear so she has her own lacy bra and undies! A little bit retro but I can tell you her underwear has been the envy on Instagram. This little doll decided to be curvy so she has a figure and legs that reflect this...she is super cute!

I really enjoyed making her and as you can see in comparison to the magazine, cardboard spool and mini yarn ball she really is quite tiny! I began knitting her a jumper (sweater) but after several attempts at following an otherwise idiot-proof pattern, I decided to give up the knitting. Not completely for good, I do have to finish my scarf. But I just don't click with knitting! I struggle.

It's not that I don't try, I try and I realised I don't even really enjoy doing it that much, I just like the end result...if it can be reached. In comparison to how quickly I took to crochet, I just don't seem to have an affinity for knitting!

A solution presented itself - good old felt! Felt would still produce that jumper-y look. So between her tiny felt jumper and it's party bunny applique, leg warms, headband and skirt scattered with neon highlights apparently Miss Marmalade looks a little 1980's. Of course her jumper and skirt are removable would have been a waste sewing that pretty underwear if the detail was hidden permanently under clothes...

Her Story:

Miss Marmalade lives in the little village of Apple Pie. She teaches English at the local high school and finds it hard to keep tabs on her more unruly students. She loves to wear quirky vintage clothing and is brave enough to do so, even though her expression might indicate she is a little insecure about this. Miss Marmalade is not at all sporty but at least she tries, something she always impresses upon her students. Every Saturday she heads to the gym, despite having had a few issues with some of the equipment and one or two minor accidents. After gym, she goes and has cake with her best friend, Alice. Miss Marmalade is single and a bit too shy to mingle... we are yet to see if she finds Mr. Right but there may be plans to introduce her to one of the other young teachers at school.... stay tuned Miss Marmalade!

I absolutely love this tiny character, she stands at only 25cm tall.
I would love the chance to make a whole village of little doll characters as some kind of crazy extended doll-art project....but we'll see. Ideas are one thing, time for execution is another...

Megan x

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