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Croissant the Cat | Sewing Pattern

Introducing Croissant! My final pattern for 2017. Croissant has been in creation since the very beginning of this year, but she has had to wait patiently for her pattern. I am so excited to finally share it! 

A lot of work goes into each pattern from the design concept to the final item. Above is Croissant the original beside Croissant the final. The first Croissant needed a little tweaking and even had an eye can't see in the photo but she has very vague "eyebrow" lines from where some stitching was unpicked! She is wearing some of Hazel's attire. When I created the final version of Croissant, she wanted something a little chic and a little different. So she has a gorgeous little playsuit and scarf!

Croissant is a yarn loving, pastry eating feline. Whenever Hazel lands her plane in France, she can always find a place to stay with Croissant. With an apartment at the l'hôtel de chat Paris, Croissant is always out and about, eating at the corner cafe or shopping for the latest in Parisian fashion. 
Oooh la la! 

Croissant's pattern comes complete with instructions and pieces for making her scarf and playsuit.
Her clothing can also be worn by Freckles the Fox and Hazel Deer, the three of them have a ball sharing each other's wardrobes!

That naughty cat...she keeps getting her claws into my yarn stash!

You can find Croissant's pattern in store pdf here and paper version here - you could also make a boy version of this pattern if you wished! Croissant is my final pattern for 2017, there are some big changes happening here at Dolly Henry and I will have to retire my pattern making ideas until the New Year! Luckily I have a sketchbook for catching all the strays until I can put my plans into action....

If you have a store and are interested in stocking this pattern and other's from the Dolly Henry collection, please contact me here.

Megan x


  1. So cute!! At first I was a little confused by the name, but then I looked a little closer, and I think it is just perfect! Xx

    Kez |

    1. Thank you Kez :-) Yes she is a quirky little cat isn't she? :-) Megan


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