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Teddy - From Sketch to Stuffie

Meet Teddy. Her proper name is Edwina but her friends call her Teddy. She is an adorable, squishable, huggable little friend. Teddy wears a patchwork scarf made by her Aunty Marmalade and a pom-pom headband she found while on holidays.

Teddy was never meant to be. You see ordinarily when I have an idea for a new doll design, I do a quick sketch and then work very loosely off the drawing. Teddy was different. I drew her on a page, with a friend called Mouse girl, just as a whimsical sketch. 

One night, I loaded Mouse girl and Teddy onto the computer and set about creating a sketch of them in Illustrator. I've been playing with these illustrations for a little while. They capture my heart, and I am still working away on their collection - whatever that will be when I am finished. Anyway, the second I locked eyes on Teddy's little illustrated form with her chubby cheeks and bulky scarf, I knew she had to become one of Hazel's friends.

I opened her picture up on the computer screen while I worked. Logically I perhaps could have printed out the illustration but I didn't. I sculpted Teddy to life from the screen. Ordinarily, I let the dolls do their own thing, become who they will. It can be hard trying to bring the drawing to life perfectly, as fabric behaves differently to paper and pen. However I wanted Teddy to be recognizable and she had to absolutely look like the sketch. It was a bit trickier than I anticipated but I got there in the end.

Unfortunately, here is the part that might be scary for little dolls to read. I ran out of filling while I was making Teddy. Her gorgeous face and arms were stuffed but she was a little on the lean side without fill for her tummy and legs. I really wanted to finish her however with a 20 minute trip to town and no other need to go other than to buy filling, I was in a pickle. I'd already sent the post for the day with someone else, and I didn't really want to lose time driving to town for a bag of filling.

So I walked away for awhile. Ate some food. Drank some tea. Then I returned. Glanced at Teddy's underweight form and thought I really must finish you today. Perhaps I could use the filling from another toy - after all I have slit open unfortunate prototypes before when I needed stuffing. Suddenly I felt like some kind of doll vampire. I glanced at the shelf, trying to work out if any of the toys that resided there were surplus to my needs. The only possible candidate as stuffing donor at that point was original Hazel. Can I pause here to say I felt decidedly evil about this later? Was it just me or were the dolls silently shaking in their socks?! This wouldn't do. Clearly my intent was terrifying for them. Unless...

My eyes swung around to a cushion, that I had previously "borrowed' some fibre from. Yes! That's it! I would rip open a cushion! I realise this makes me sound slightly insane at this point but as the cushion had already been borrowed from, it seemed logical to use the rest of the filling for Teddy. That cushion had never been quite the same since, no longer plump but saggy and a little deflated.

I do know in a city, it could possibly take 20 minutes to get to the craft store so you are probably wondering what on earth my insane need to rob cushions and innocent dolls of their filling was about. It's just a different mentality for some reason, when the 20 minute drive consists of farmland and trees. To match the rural mentality, I am a bit of a baling twine crafter. 

Baling twine is what we call the string/twine/stuff that keeps hay bales in order. We don't grow hay but we reuse the stuff - it comes in handy for all sorts of things when you are short of the proper materials. That, and cable ties. Very useful. I have this approach to crafting, if I have a problem or don't have a certain tool, there is usually a way around it. Albeit a little odd or inconvenient at times.

You needn't think either that because Teddy is half cushion, she isn't made of good, er, stuff. It's the same thing really! One just comes in a bag and the other in the shape of a cushion. Most people cover cushions, I just take advantage of their firm filling and slit them open when they least expect it. 

(What you're leaving? Come back!!! Why are you holding your cushion like that?)

In all seriousness, the dolls are safe and the cushion is less full and Teddy has a whole crew of new friends!

Megan x

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