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Pretty Handmades Book Showcase | Molly and Mama


I was so excited when Lauren Wright from Molly and Mama asked if I'd be interested in joining in her online book tour, showcasing the beautiful projects from her debut book, Pretty Handmades. After all, it's not every day one gets an opportunity like this!

Lauren lives at the far end of the state (Queensland), in a small rural town just north of Toowoomba. It's no surprise beautiful blooms are a constant source of inspiration for Lauren - given Toowoomba itself has a Carnival of Fowers each year! All her designs are the essence of feminity and charm, if you don't follow Lauren on Instagram, make sure you look her up @mollyandmama - each one of her projects features stunning florals and dainty attention to detail, that will have you reaching for your needle and thread in a jiffy.

So what was my initial impression of the book when the parcel arrived? In truth, I was gobsmacked. I knew it'd be pretty special, knowing Lauren's style, but I was thrilled at the size and layout of the book itself. Other books I have from this publisher have always been a little smaller, however Pretty Handmades is a generous A4 which is so much easier for reading and following the project instructions. From the cover design to the little tea party and floral details on the pages, this book is instantly inspiring. The pages have a beautiful matte feel, which is very on trend right now and my personal preference.

It was hard to choose, but in the end I decided to make the Honey Hive Stitchy Book and the Posie Patchwork Pouch. There are loads of projects to choose from, and I can see this book getting a bit of use for Christmas gift making! I'd recommend Pretty Handmades to beginners as well as experienced sewists. The front section has a detailed how-to section for the techniques used in the book. I've purchased craft books before that just assume the reader knows what the techniques are and this has caused me all sorts of drama. I always feel that a book should have more detailed instructions than just purchasing a pattern, and I am so glad that Lauren included these in her book!

Tilda Australia kindly provided me with some fabrics to use for my Pretty Handmade's projects. I loved the Honey Hive Stitchy Book from the outset and just knew I'd have to make one! There is something so sweet about bees and flowers, and Lauren has captured this in a useful little needlebook perfectly. I changed a couple of things on mine, to suit my own needs. It was so much fun to make, and it will be nice to have such a pretty case to use.

I went with a blue floral for the front and a honey-colored hive - my bee is pink because why not?
I still struggle a bit with perfectionism vs perfect stitches. Somedays, my decorative hand stitching is neat as a pin and other days, my goodness....they have a mind of their own! They aren't terrible, but they don't have military precision either. I just let my stitches go these days and if it really bothers me, I undo them. The felt flowers make a gorgeous addition to the cover, and I added some french knots to the hive for good measure.

I added a pocket to the back cover of my Honey Hive...I loved the sweet stitched details in the book but I have a habit of wanting my scissors, needles, and threads all in one place when I am doing hand stitching, so I put some pockets on the back that will fit some different things in them. Seeing as crochet is also something I cart around, I made room for a couple of crochet hook pockets. 

I was nervous about the binding...curved binding! Argggggghhhh! 
Turns out I am a drama queen. It wasn't hard at all, thanks to Lauren's excellent instructions. My binding, like my decorative stitching, hasn't reached that highly coveted pedestal of perfection yet (maybe it's overrated?) But it was pretty forgiving of my bumbling ways...pardon the pun.

I was a good girl and followed the pattern for the first page of the interior...and it's so cute! I love the little details, the lace, and the buttons. It's just so nice to have a needle book that is so darn pretty. It's almost the needle-case equivalent of wearing matching underwear! It's not necessary but it just makes you feel like you've got your life together.....okay maybe not but we can pretend!!

I rebelled when it came to page two...okay not rebelling as such but I decided to make the honey hive pin cushion the star of the show. The reason I didn't do what I was told, is because I have this bee fabric in my stash, and it's honestly my absolute favorite so I hadn't cut into it yet but how could I not use it for this project of all things? I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I let such a thing happen! So I strategically positioned the hive on the fabric so it looked like the bees were buzzing around it...
clever much? 

I actually like bees in real life too, I will add here. Lots of people scream but seeing as I haven't been stung by one, I am quite happy to be in close proximity of a rose and it's honey-gathering friends.


Before we go onto the pouch, let us pause here to stare at the other project I really wanted to make...and will in the future! 

The Posie Patchwork Pouch.....

Ah now I have always assumed boxy pouches must be things of nightmares as far as sewing and zippers go but turns out I am again guilty of being overly dramatic in my thinking....

Because this pouch was easy! Of course I credit Lauren for skillfully guiding me through the project, with her wonderful instructions and photo guides for those of us who still need pictures in their books....

I was naughty and didn't hand quilt mine, but can I pull the 'my shoulder was sore" excuse here. Hand stitching just aggravates it sometimes and I am a speed queen on the machine so I machine quilted mine. Again, the girl who doesn't quilt has been found doing it again....

I used my Tilda to patch this pretty together, and I have never sewn with a lace zipper before but my goodness they are a breeze compared to ordinary zippers. Not that ordinary zippers are bad...I will not be one of those makers responsible for scaring beginners off zippers...they aren't as bad as everyone says they are you know! Unless you are making a couture gown and putting in an invisible zip...that might be a bit fright-inducing!

Presenting, my first boxy pouch!

So easy to make, I will be returning for more!

Also, it is surprising how much this pouch can's like a veritable Mary Poppins bag!

Oh by the way, my stitches behaved for the pouch.....

This concludes my makes for the Pretty Handmades Book Showcase...
I could have kept making more things if I had the time! 

Now, I hope I have convinced you to buy this amazing book because it's such a lovely book, I consider it community service to recommend it to you! You can pre-order a copy here.

Lauren's gorgeous blog and Etsy store.

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  1. Megan, your sweet words have warmed my heart. Your encouragement, support and friendship mean so much to me. Thanks for creating such beautiful projects for the book showcase, and for sharing such stunning imagery on your blog. It's all so inspiring! It was a privilege to have you on the blog tour xx

    1. Thank you so much Lauren, it has been so lovely to be part of your book launch! Pretty Handmades is truly amazing xx Megan

  2. So pretty! I wish I had this talent xx

    Kez |

    1. Thank you Kez! Lauren's book is great for beginners if you are new to craft - the projects are quite easy and it's a great way to start making pretty things :-) Megan xx

  3. Goodness this book looks beautiful. I haven't tried the lace zippers yet (gulp) but they look so pretty. Your makes are so, so gorgeous!! xo

    1. This book is beautiful!! It has your name written all over it Kellie :-) The lace zippers are super easy to use and I love the way they look too! Megan xx


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