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Lilo - A Waldorf Inspired Doll

Say hello to Lilly. I mean Lila. Lucy. Lola. LILO.
Her name is Lilo but for some reason, she is one of those people that is always having to repeat her name! Everyone just seems to forget what it is. Do you know someone like that? 

Lilo is a sweet little girl who loves spending lots of time oudoors, pottering around in the herb garden and talking to the birds. She has dusky skin and long wavy locks. Her little brown eyes glint like chocolate buttons on her face, hiding the mischief behind them. She has a rosebud mouth and her cheeks are rosy from all her time spent outside.

Part of a secret group of mushroom huggers, Lilo possesses the unique talent of being able to speak mushroom, often talking to the pixies that dwell within their little fungi walls. Lilo's little floral dress features puffed sleeves and a gathered peplum. Her chambray bloomers peep out underneath, above chubby knees that wear grey and white striped socks. Her little shoes are hand knit using Egyptian cotton.

Always on the move, Lilo keeps her unruly locks in check with a lovely floral headscarf and two grey hair ties. 


I've wanted to make a Waldorf/Steiner inspired doll for quite a few years and decided I would finally learn how. I really enjoyed making Lilo - it's a completely different technique than I am used to. I found myself stressing a bit initially, wanting her to come out just right. And then I realized I don't put that pressure on myself with other dolls. After all, I wasn't trying to make her look a particular way - strictly Steiner or whatever - and I should let go. After all, I was still making a doll just like any other, and she needed to evolve naturally. I see dolls as an art form, each is unique to the doll maker and no two dolls are the same, no two doll artists are the same. 

I plan on making another doll in this style. There are some tweaks to the design I would like to make now I am at terms with the way it all works. Her head is a little smaller than I would have liked for example. I would also like to try and give the next doll a nose. I didn't venture too far away from the book I was following because I didn't think it was a good idea as a raw beginner.

Since making Lilo, I have done some research and reading and have decided what changes I will make. I like to create something and then make changes, when I am learning a new technique. I don't fully comprehend the process until I experienced it, and then once I have the lay of the land, I find it quite easy to draft in changes.

I love the size Lilo is, and she is definitely cuddly - I can see what a child would fall in love with this style of doll!

The book I used was Simple Cloth Daisy Dolls - it has lots of pictures, and patterns for clothing. I drafted my own because it's an area I am completely familiar with but if you weren't up to it, there are some really sweet little tops and bottoms in the book.

For her shoes, I used this lovely free pattern by the amazingingly talented Little Jenny Wren

Megan x

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