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A Foxy Collaboration

Earlier in the year I made the Washi Fox Cushion Cover Pattern.
What you don't know is before it became a pattern, I sent alot of emails to my Craft Fairy Godmother Kellie checking and double checking measurements and details to make it all happen. Kellie is a quilting expert extraordinaire - she knows her stuff and she knows it jolly well too!

Kellie became a tester for the pattern, in fact her enthusiasm for the project pushed me to get organised and make it happen, without her...the pattern may still be gathering dust. While I made four or five cushions to check out my measurements and instructions, Kellie rather wonderfully decided to take the cushion block and multiply it by four, creating an absolutely stunning baby quilt in the process.

I've never received anything in the mail before made using my pattern. It was such a surreal feeling, and to receive something that had been made with such exquisite attention to detail was just amazing!
Of course, the quilt was just coming for photos before I send it home again. I think Kellie might notice if I kept it!

While we hatched the plans, we both had an idea to make a matching cushion cover and Fox doll pattern so that we'd have a complete set to photograph. That's how Freckles the Fox came about. Her pattern is still in the works, however I've made a doll and a cushion cover to showcase the Washi Fox design with Kellie's amazing quilt. I did regret not knowing anyone with a designer nursery to use, because the trio together just looked absolutely stunning!

To make a quilt, you will need the Washi Fox Cushion pattern. You can make the front block up as many times as you want, and then simply join them together to make a quilt. Kellie has added a white border around the edge of the joined blocks. And quilted them rather marvellously!

The pattern includes the fox applique, which I believe would also look amazing if you made a matching pennant banner. This design can be made in girly hues or a more masculine palette. It's incredibly versatile, you could use super modern prints or even go black and white! There is so much potential with this design. A Washi Fox bag would also be equally amazing...heck let's make some wall paper too! 

Washi Fox Pattern Available as a digital download in store here
please contact me if you require a paper pattern.

Kellie's gorgeous blog here

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