Hey there! My name is Megan and I'm the sewing, pattern making girl behind Dolly Henry. This is my blog, where I share my own creative adventures and hope to meet fellow fabric enthusiasts. I also design and sell sewing patterns through my online boutique, alongside a beautiful collection of clothing and dolls. Thank you for stopping by!


The Crafty Box You Need

Out of inspiration? Don't worry, I've got a box of it! Some times creativity needs a spa day, a little boost, a chocolate bar and cup of tea...a treat to keep it happy! So I've spent time creating a little box of inspiration, filled with Dolly Henry goodness to get those creative juices flowing...

I was so excited putting these boxes together, it took me awhile, choosing all the bits and bobs for them and cutting the fabrics. Often I will look around my studio or at my work table and I just get an overwhelming need to share the colours or print combinations I have put together or to find someone and ask them "do you get the same zing out of these things!?" So I decided to put my creative energy into a box, I hope the lid doesn't fly off when the recipient opens it! 

I look at The Little Box of Inspiration as a creative challenge - when you get it, take a little bit to look at all the things. What will they inspire you to make? To create? To design? 

This is one exciting little box! And it has so much potential... with your new box of inspiration, you will do great things! You could make a doll, you could make a bag, start a quilt, make a mini-quilt, stitch something nobody has ever heard of before. This box could make you an inventor!

The Little Box of Inspiration is perfect for a creative recharge but it also makes a great gift for your creative friend/sister/daughter/Aunt/Cousin-three-times removed! Or maybe you know someone who is just starting to dip their toes in the creative water... think of this box like a crafty surprise party!

Anyway, while I dream about the potential of my Little Boxes of Inspiration to take over the world and replace iphones with a needle and can go and grab one here. Because I need help if that plan is going to succeed! 

If you had this Little Box of Inspiration....what would you do with it?

Megan x


  1. How wonderful! I'm always inspired by what you do and now I can use a little bit of your inspiration to get me started :) great idea Megan! xo

  2. Megan, this is such a fabulous idea, and such a beautiful box of goodies. When I'm next in Australia I'll order one for myself, or get my daughter to bring me one when she visits the uk ������

  3. OMG I do get a zing out of this box. I make small doll clothes and educational crafts. I can see a multitude of ideas in there. xx


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