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Pretty Little Project Bag

With all these projects coming out my ears - from dolls, to knitting, crochet, patchwork and even a pinafore waiting to be sewn, I decided a project bag was a must. Of course after my above list you might think I need ten or twenty project bags! But one would do for starters. 

I wanted a draw string bag, it just seemed to most sensible to me. Zippers can be dangerous for yarn.
The draw string allows the bag to open up big and wide to stuff it full of crafty things and then be drawn up to hang on the wall for storage. It also is rather fabulous for taking out and about!

I made my project bag up in a morning. No I am not some kind of freak-patchwork-speedster...I wanted a colourful, inspiring bag and I knew I wanted pom-poms. So when rifling through my project bucket, I found this patchwork block that was supposed to be the start of a quilt. That quilt is still off in pixie land with a lot of my other ideas, so I decided I wanted to see this block more often and a bag it became! It makes me so happy just to look at it.

On the back, I chose a print that would go with all the colours on the front and added this stitched girl I made a year or so ago. Here is the link to her post, my photos have improved somewhat since then! 

She now finally has a place to live. I've got a stack of drawings I've been meaning to turn into stitcheries and then maybe one day patterns. 

It's always been important to me to have a pretty bag lining. You know how sometimes jeans come with the inside band in a pretty floral? That always makes me happy. So bags are the same. You don't see the inside much but when you do, it has got to make you smile!!

I think I am best friends with pom-poms. I can't get enough of them. I even have a pom-pom rug.
So I stuck some on the bag. That sentence isn't refined but with pom-poms, you don't have to be.
They are casual creatures. I had a pom-pom spider once. From the school fete. It had googly eyes, pipe cleaner legs and bounced on a piece of elastic from what looked like a bamboo skewer.
We go way back, pom-poms and I.

Of course the bag is already holding way too many things. Which means I need to make another one!
Do you have a project bag?

Megan x

PS. I will blog about my knitting, the gorgeous yarn is from Say! Little Hen


  1. Oh deer, there are so many reasons I love your beautiful bag!! ... love the label, the pompoms the applique on the back, the lining ... it's all gorgeous, well done :) xo

  2. It is sooo beautiful. I love it!

  3. It's so cute, I definitely love that you turned your patchwork into a bag since the quilt idea didn't take flight, and it wasn't left to go to waste!

    Kez |

    1. Thank you Kez, I will still make a quilt one day but it's so far off, making the only block I had into a bag seemed a good idea to me :-) Megan x


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