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Meet Rosella | Handmade Doll

Meet Rosella! I decided I needed some creative time the other day, so I pushed aside my lengthy to-do lists and decided to make a doll. I've been enjoying doing some stitching lately so my plan was to make a doll with an embroidered face. Quite time-consuming but it was nice playing with the silky threads and while I stitched I thought about what kind of doll this would be.

Lately I have really wanted to add more dolls to my store so that alongside my patterns and kits, there were dolls available for good homes. I love making dolls, it's like making a little person. Each comes with his or her own personality, and as I discovered with Rosella, that isn't always up to me, the dollmaker. Have you ever tried to write a story? Well if you have, you may have noticed the characters don't always do what you want them to! Rosella was a bit the same. While I was stitching away I was envisioning this sweet, demure little doll with possibly blonde hair and a cute party dress. It wasn't long before she had ideas of her own, and this cheeky mischievous girl arrived! Thankfully I was soon reconciled to Rosella and decided to go with the flow. 

She has underwear- it's cold right now so I thought she could do with some! Her little undershirt is from a thrifted vintage sheet and her little knickers are sweetly embroidered. Her hair is a glorious mix of pink and fawn locks - Rosella has been causing a bit of hair envy on Instagram.

Her little peasant top is comfortable, Rosella didn't seem the type to wear restrictive clothing. She is a bit of a free spirit, creative and a little bit wild. Her little blouse is made in a dusty pink lawn and her skirt is actually linen. I felt she needed a scarf and this is an absolutely squishy soft Japanese double gauze that I had saved in my stash. Only the best for my dolls! It has tiny babushkas and apples dancing across the fabric.

I started stitching a sweet little fox which was originally meant to be incorporated into a dress of some kind but again Rosella changed her mind, and so I stitched it into a carry-bag for her. Her grey socks would be my favourite part of her attire, but the bag trumps them by its ability to hold things. I couldn't resist! I cut two 5in fabric squares as Rosella sized fat quarters - that's right, she is a crafter and has just been shopping! I thought the future owner of the doll could either leave them in her bag or being a 5inch square, take them out and create something with them. She also has a "skein of yarn" and a sewing journal, somewhere for her to capture her ideas!

I asked my friend Ulla for name suggestions and among them, was Rosella. Perfect I thought! It's a nature inspired name. If you don't live in Australia, you may not know that we have beautiful native birds here that carry that name. They are often seen in pairs, feeding on the honey in the blossoms. A Rosella is also a plant and flower that we grow in the garden and it makes the prettiest jam, that you use with savoury dishes. It also makes a beautiful cordial and tea!

She was a tricky doll, took hours and hours to make and sigh, even broke a needle on my machine!
However I think she was sending me a message, telling me to let go, let the creativity go where it wants and more importantly, drop the perfectionist tendencies. I really love this little doll, and hope that she will find a home with someone who needs a Rosella in their life.

She is already causing mischief, I caught her on the sewing machine this afternoon trying to make some friends!

If you would like to adopt Rosella, you can find her in my store.
Shipping is available worldwide, if you need any assistance, please contact me, I am happy to help!

Megan x


  1. Oh my word, Megan! Rosella is so stylish!! And she's a maker too - just perfect!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle, I really enjoy making my dolls :-) I just had to make her a maker - her outfit is so cute, she had to have made it right? :-)


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