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Meet Freckles the Fox

Meet Freckles the Fox! Her design has been on the radar for awhile, but it was the secret collaboration with Kellie that pulled her to the front of the queue. I have a few things to finish up before I can reveal all (ooooooooooh) but I couldn't help letting you meet Freckles while we wait.

I often think my view is funny about foxes. You see, we don't have them in this neck of the woods but further south, they cause a great deal of calamity for unsuspecting chickens and their owners. Having chickens myself, the fox probably shouldn't be highly regarded by me, however I grew up loving animals and in their proper place, foxes are rather amazing little creatures. They also lend themselves rather well to creative work - that magnificent rust red and iconic paint dipped tail! A bit like bunnies (which are such a pest here, you cop a whopping fine for even keeping a pet one) it isn't the foxes fault that they were introduced into a country that was not their own. Livestock aside, I love foxes and rabbits!

I researched a lot of different foxy looks before coming up with Freckles - there are a lot of fabulous foxy dolls out there and there really is only one colourway for a fox so making something different was tricky. Finally I shrugged my shoulders and decided as Freckles was kicked off from my Washi Fox pattern that I would design her to resemble Washi Fox as best I could.

I did up a mock-up version - always a good idea with new designs - that helped me finalize her head shape. The fabric I used made her look like she'd eaten one too many funny mushrooms but that is what ugly fabric is good for - making up a test version before taking the plunge with one's 'real' fabric!

I have yet to create a pattern, that is to say, write the pattern and professionalise the pattern pieces but for now, say hi to Freckles - she is a new friend for Hazel and while they might not have braids to plait, they can play wardrobe swap! Freckles was originally supposed to have a top and skirt but when I was making it, she said "no, Megan, no! I fancy a sixties style dress..." So I paid attention to this and this is what we ended up with. I am actually rather envious of her little a-line dress, it's quite fun! I design my patterns to be simple for everyone to make, while having maximum visual impact so I can't wait to release this rather foxy girl, complete with her headband and dress pattern. I checked too, and Hazel looks great in the dress!

Stay foxy,
Megan x


  1. Hellooo there Freckles!! I'm in awe of your character making talents :) They have so much personality! xo


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