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Here & Now 11

Here & Now July 2017

Loving // Having no really serious creative deadlines - freeeedommmmm!!

Eating //  Breakfast Pasta - yes! Cook up some mushrooms + greens + bacon if you dare in a pan, with lots of butter. Add cooked pasta, preferably long. Get it all buttery and saucy, serve. Fry an egg, throw on top with grated cheese and let the runny yolk work it's's delicious and not naughty at all...if you remember not to eat another full-blown meal for dinner :-)

Drinking //  A Turmeric Latte I found at the supermarket- it's basically turmeric, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon. I make it in a saucepan with some milk and water each day and I swear it is helping my shoulder a bit! Turmeric - and the other ingredients for that matter - are anti-inflammatory...

Feeling //  Creatively peaceful...all is right with the world just now.

Making //  Okay! I am making another pattern - Freckles the Fox and I also cut out a medium weight winter fabric I have had forever. I love winter layers and plan on making another pinafore for myself. The fabric reminds me of The little grey rabbit. I am also making a baby storybook for a gift, using this pattern. 

Wearing //  A fifties style pettiskirt arrived in the mail this week, I can't wait to make a dress to go with it!!

Thinking //  With the world news in the background, and the young son of a friend of my Mum's in a critical state after a bad horse riding accident, I think it's important to always be grateful for what we have and realize that everything can change in the blink of an eye. Also, that craft is my therapy.

Dreaming // Of being lucky enough to have another fabulous fabric find like I did on Saturday! I got a bundle of vintage fabrics! I never find anything like that at our local markets and this is the first time I have had vintage fabric to work with. It's a bit dusty and needs a wash but that's okay!

Creatively Inspired

1. This adorable little pig pattern! Seriously, can you get any cuter???
2. Can't decide whether these are funny to give as a gift or just a little rude lol!
3. I'm knitting this pattern at the moment

What is happening in your Here & Now?

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Megan x


  1. Freckles and friends are very cute. :)

    I give turmeric to our dogs as a supplemental sprinkle on their food. Both boys seem to love it (cue the drool) and hopefully it's helping our senior's joints/liver and general health. Who knows! At minimum at least it's benefiting their tastes and our vet agrees it's worth trying. Hopefully it has some magic for your shoulder too.

    1. Hi Laura! Yes I know people who have used it on their dogs and it has had a tremendous effect! Apparently it is good for people too, and I've noticed it really helping my shoulder. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and quite powerful at that, so it stands to reason it would be therapeutic....I always say "well I have nothing to lose!" Megan :-)

  2. Love Freckles the fox. Always so nice to find vintage treasures you have been wanting.

  3. Those vintage fabrics are a bit special! I wonder what you will make with them??? Meg:)

    1. I don't know Meg! I think maybe some dolls? I actually just like them as a backdrop for my photos too :-)

  4. Freckles and friends are just gorgeous! Enjoy the deadline freedom and your vintage fabric. Kate x

  5. love your dolls and fabric!! and oh that pig pattern!


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