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Bunny knitting and other animals

I want to say thank you so much to everyone who left comments on the last couple of blog posts, I will be getting back there to reply soon, I read them all and really enjoy hearing your thoughts. I went to respond the other day and for some reason blogger wouldn't let me so I will try again soon. The last week has been a bit of a whirlpool. I've had July 1 as my deadline for having my website and products up and running for so long, knowing that the week leading up to that date would be the most intense. And it was. I was still uploading products 6 pm Saturday night. 

My website finally looks the way I've always dreamed it looking and I reached my goal date, which is an achievement in itself. After such a tech-heavy week though, I am pining for a bit of creative down time. Sunday I picked up some knitting I had laid aside. I've loved the Little Cotton Rabbits patterns for so long, I decided to have a go at making one! I'm definitely not an experienced knitter, I've done a teeny tiny bit and that was a long time ago. However I've never ever been able to learn a new skill on a 'boring' project, so my tendency to pick patterns above and beyond my skill level always causes a few headaches but I wouldn't have it any other way. I decided I needed to just embrace the fact I'd make mistakes and so stopped pulling my knitting apart every time I made one. This bunny will have flaws. Once I've finished knitting one in cotton I want to reward myelf by making one in this beautiful soft yarn from Say! Little Hen - it's Australian Alpaca and gosh it is so nice. 

The bunny is worked in DK/8ply and the dress and shoes are in 4ply. I'm using this beautifully soft organic wool to make her tights, shoes and dress. There is something so nice about working with wool!

Sarah recommended I try knitting awhile ago, as it is a different action than crochet. Unfortunately as much as I love crochet, it currently really fires up my right wrist, arm and shoulder. Knitting doesn't, if anything it's my left arm that gets a bit cranky and as it doesn't have an injury, it's nothing more than a bit of general stiffness after sitting for too long. My arm is getting much better, it's just very slow. I've worked out on days I can't make anything or do computer work, that I can just tidy or do photography instead. Trying to have a business around it has been tricky, as some weeks it just won't behave. So I have gotten better at not planning but just doing. Doing when it's happy and then swapping to other tasks when it isn't. For someone who finds crafting plays a huge part in how I handle stress and anxiety, it can be quite tough when I can't be creative.

I really enjoyed getting my little clothing collection up, but I am excited to be able to get back into some pattern making. I worked on Freckles the Fox today - she will be a softie doll to match the Washi Fox Cushion pattern I published in June. I've sped up my pattern making process a little now. Previously, I would just work on the new idea and then have to make another item specifically to photograph for the pattern. As I've ironed out a lot of my bumps and wrinkles along the way, I have finally become a bit more efficient so should be able to get more patterns published in a shorter amount of time. Oh it's so nice to get to that point!

Tomorrow is craft day, I will pack up some little hand projects and drive over to one of the beautiful lakes here to spend half the day crafting. Completely unplugged, surrounded by others who just love to make things. It's so relaxing. There isn't any emails, social media or other distractions. There could be I guess, but I don't use the internet on my phone. I don't like to be wired in at all times. There's so many things you can miss when staring at a screen instead of looking around, and I look at my screen enough when I'm at home. I often wonder how people are going to keep making incidental friends or conversation. So many people, particularly in my age group, seem to be physically attached to their phone. Guess we'll have to text each other instead.... "hello, sorry for breaching your wifi connection but could you please tell me which way the such-and-such is?" lol!

May the fabric be with you,
Megan x


  1. Your little woolen rabbit is looking too gorgeous! Do you always make the head first when making a stuffed friend? xo

    1. I think it depends on the pattern Kellie, this one makes the head before moving onto the body!

  2. Hi Megan,
    Love your post - so glad you could get to some crafting!

  3. Ahh, your so talented! This is amazing!
    I've always loved the idea of sewing and knitting, but unfortunately I think I lack the skill!

    Kez |


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