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Winter Sniffles and June Plans

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I haven't blogged for a little bit for two reasons. One, I got caught by the evil winter sniffles. They are the ones with angry little faces and funny noses, whose job it is to make lots of money for the tissue (kleenex to my USA peeps) factories... You know the drill: bed rest, chicken soup, sore throat. Secondly, I just haven't felt inspired at all, which could be a lot to do with the first reason!

June is going to be a big month making wise - I have some birthday projects to make and I am also launching a collection of dresses and other outfits for little and grown up girls on my website. The fashion vein runs strong. I'm really excited to add this to my already hectic making schedule (aha!) as it is something I enjoy doing. (making clothing, not juggling fifty million projects!)

I also completed my version of this pattern in May!
I've made July 1 my launch date, so that I have a goal I can squarely aim for. I've also just published a new update version of my Hazel Deer doll pattern, which is in a new ink-friendly format for printing, and I got tricky with Illustrator so Hazel now has digital pattern pieces. It all feels very grown up I must say. I've also made adjustments to her neck so that it is a bit easier to stuff. Poor Hazel, I am sure she felt as if she was on the surgery table.

I'm making some Hazel dolls for a family that I know, three little Hazel's for three little girls who are expecting twin brothers soon. I haven't decided what to make for the new arrivals yet. I'm thinking perhaps a boy version of Pixie Pocket....what do you think?

There is a new pattern in the works, that will be published soon. I'm very excited about that too. It is a Washi Fox Cushion Cover pattern. I've included a sneak peek here.

In between all the baskets of projects, fabric scraps, and threads, I have a bit of calm down crochet to do. I was going to follow a pattern but decided I do so much concentration, that I just need to do a bit of mindless crafting once in awhile. So I am making a freestyle scarf. Making it up as I go along. Not as pretty as a pattern perhaps but it is therapeutic. Just using, hugging, staring at THIS beautiful yarn is heaven!

That's a little crafting update from me! What have you got in the works?

Megan xx


  1. Good morning Megan ( or goodnight depending when you see this ��)
    First and foremost, thank you for the lovely photo of yourself!!! You are just Beautiful!!! And secondly, if this is your creativity flowing when you are under the weather, then I can't wait for what's coming!! I'm excited for your fashion collection launch as well!!!
    Please feel,better fast!!
    Kim ����

    1. It's a good morning Kim! :-) Thank you for your absolutely over the top sweet words!! :-) I'm feeling much better, so hopefully it'll be all smooth sailing from here...though a wave or two can be fun! :-)

  2. There are so many exciting things to look forward to, yippee!! Very glad to know you're feeling better, it's horrible being under the weather xo

    1. It is, it is! :-( But as you say, lots of exciting things ahead so that should banish the evil sniffles! Thank you Kellie xx

  3. Glad you're feeling better. I just admire how productive you are.
    I'm interested in the little fabric doll you have in your new cushion cover pattern photo. Is this a project you've been working on or a new pattern idea? I've had a few attempts at making them, but haven't had much success.


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