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Meet Washi Fox!

There once was a rather fabulous fox....her name was Washi and she lived in a cushion!
It is here (finally) my third pattern and this time, a creature I have created is in the confines of a squishable, huggable cushion cover.

I designed this cover originally to show off some of my fabrics on the market stall, but as she evolved and I added little hand-stitched details, I knew she was a bit too special to go to the markets. Hey, I didn't say Washi wasn't a little snobby, did I?

It isn't that, it's just my patchwork cushion was originally going to be for sale, while the thought was still just a thought. But when Washi Fox surprised me, I decided nobody would probably want to pay as much as I wanted for her, so she sat on the shelf to await pattern status.

And she sat and sat. I made another of her to check my measurements, drove Kellie crazy with my math I am sure, and then I finally got down to the patterning. I also decided as a beginner at Illustrator that her applique shall be digitized. So no wonder she took awhile!

She is, after all, a very special little fox. I have plans for her extending past the cushion but for now, she will have to be content to live on the cover.

With a mixture of hand and machine quilting, Washi Fox is named thus because of the angle the HST blocks create when you use a mix of white and printed fabrics. You know, those little angles that washi tape makes when you just rip a piece off freestyle? Washi tape, for the record, is almost as addictive as fabric so I suggest you proceed with caution if you have never, ever owned any.

You can have a lot of fun with this pattern! And I'll have more to share in the coming weeks, I promise. I am collaborating with the most talented quilter in the whole world.

But for now, here is a little look of Washi Fox. She has just been released into the wild, and I am hoping she will find many happy homes and places to visit! You can purchase a copy here!

Megan x

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