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Dresses to Eat Cake In

I have been driving family members crazy for years with my "maybe I should make women's clothing....maybe I shouldn't.." But 2017 is the year I take the proverbial bull by the horns and just do it!! My first collection isn't big at all, but having achieved actually getting a handful of grown-up sized garments up will be a big deal for me. I did it...yay!! I don't want to spend my life being one of those people who only talks about doing stuff...and never does. Do you know one of those?

Anyway, I have quite enjoyed my little foray into women's fashion. I am still discovering my style. I mean, I know my personal style but I mean my design style. I think it is quite whimsical for now. And why not? If you want something ordinary or normal, you can buy those. Fun, imaginative and a little different is harder to find.

I've had comments on my clothes when I wear them out - "ooooh! I love your cat skirt! My friend loves cats, she'd kill for a skirt like that!" Well, hopefully not me, but I understand the meaning behind the words. I was sitting down for a seafood basket when the waitress told me that. Sometimes I get a bit anxious and think "gosh, should I be making a dress in this print? Will someone BUY it?" But comments such as the one the waitress made remind me that if you are nuts for something like cats, you can't really go and just easily find a cat dress or in my case, a skirt.

Having fun with clothes isn't restricted to age - I've had remarks from women in their mature years and shy teenagers.

It can be tricky doing photoshoots for fashion where I live. Which is rural. There aren't trendy cityscapes to get arty with. Barbwire, golden grass, dusty roads is where it is at. For example this afternoon, when modelling my new line I was photobombed by a lowline bull who is visiting while his family moved properties...poor Fergus. Or Fernando or Ferdinand. I can't remember his name, it's one of those three, I think. I am sure he thinks he has moved in with fruit cakes. Quietly chewing his cud and staring at the antics going on before him.

I was also photobombed by a neighbours horse. Who, unsure of my fashion sense, ran around rather wildly, stopping to stare and passing wind as he kicked in the air. Well I couldn't exactly say I was photobombed by a farting horse, could I? Not very glamourous. Except I did just say it. Because I thought it might make you laugh. Let us continue....

I'm not a fan of modelling. In fact, I shy away from the camera. And the makeup and hair routine in order to get respectable lasts forever. I have the patience of a five year old when it comes to those things. I was muttering about this while stitching the hooks and eyes onto dresses while my sister blow-dryed my hair. Really, having to design and sew and model the outfits is too much darling!

I'd like to find models but when I glanced quickly at the modelling agencies, everyone is an (Australian) size 8, with the same hair and eyebrows. I have nothing against size 8 people, in fact after my rather intense photoshoot I was tossing up the idea of only making size 8 clothing so I could skip this modelling part BUT I have long admired Colette patterns, who have always had beautiful photoshoots featuring models of different sizes, ages and ethnic groups. I'm not political or feminist about it at all, I just would like to represent the broad variety of women in my photos so I don't really want to fall into only using standard catalog girls for my clothing. The idea of using a model is that they are trained and easy to's not really about a certain look, it's about being comfortable in front of a camera.

I guess this is because I'm designing and making clothing for women. Dresses that you can have fun in, eat cake in and wear on days when you feel like track pants would be a better option. I don't really want to make dresses you need a special set of underwear for or dresses that you can't eat in. I want to make dresses you can go grocery shopping in OR dancing in! Life is too short not to wear fun clothes after all, and finding a functional yet gorgeous dress can be hard sometimes. There are umpteen formal dresses on the market but a favourite Sunday dress that you can wear to the markets or to a restaurant that fits beautifully, covers the bra straps (and your bottom!) while it still looks a little flirty.. is hard to find.

Anyway, not sure if I have covered the brief but I have tried to make unique and fun dress designs that are functional as well. I will be offering a variety of sizes, and after the July 1 launch, I will be trying to add to the collection as inspiration strikes!

I have yet to come up with a name for my collection? Perhaps you have an idea? I'd like something kind of unique and fun!

Megan x


  1. Wow Megan, what a lovely outfit. I think you have such a talent for design and you find so many really cute fabrics too. I don't have any experience naming fashion collections, but "Pretty-Retro Lady" is my suggestion. You could also then do
    "Pretty-Retro Kids", "Pretty-Retro Accessories" etc as you explored more design areas. So nice to read about someone who is enjoying life, exploring their creativity and nurturing their soul. Best wishes with your new launch, from Amanda - Flowerpony68

    1. Thank so much Amanda! I love the ideas of those names, perhaps I can use them for new design ideas. Megan x

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  3. Fun, flirty and fabulous! I love it xo

  4. oh I love your dress! and yes!continue to make cute, fun clothes :)


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