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Hazel Blogs: Letters from Pink Hazel

To dear Hazel,

Thank you so much for sending your friend Pixie Pocket to visit, her cheerful disposition has been just what I needed after I found out I hadn't won the quilt contest. Nobody told me the paper pieces had to be removed! I have had a lot of fun looking after Bunny and I think Pixie appreciated my babysitting skills when she had so many night shifts leading up to Easter. The chocolate season really seems to have taken it out of her.

One night Pixie came home and was looking so exhausted, I booked her and Bunny a green retreat vacation. The travel agent said it was a rejuvenation experience or something. Anyway, I'm not sure but the people on the pamphlet looked so relaxed with these rocks lying on their eyes, I just couldn't help thinking it might do Pixie good too. After all, she has been so kind to me. I booked myself in too, because I figured Bunny could still do with his Aunty Pink Hazel babysitting him.

We only arrived last night, and already it has been an interesting experience. Pixie had carrot soup for dinner, which is apparently her favourite. I had some to be polite, but Hazel, between you and me, it tasted a little like dirt! Bunny spat his carrot soup everywhere, much to Pixie's distress. She is hoping he hasn't got allergies to carrots like his great Uncle Wilfred. That would make life a little bit difficult.

The beds are made from some kind of springy green shrub. It's quite comfortable but when they said eco friendly I didn't think they meant we'd be sleeping in a garden. Pixie is happy so I guess that is all that matters.

This afternoon we went tree climbing, and tomorrow we are booked in for some yoga. It's all very out doorsy here. As you are my sister you will know what a kindness I really have shown Pixie with this holiday. I already miss my feather mattress and climate control. Pixie wants to try the rocks on her eyes tomorrow. She says they have been a bit baggy underneath ever since Bunny was born. 

Your loving sister,
Pink Hazel

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