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My own fabric design, slow stitching and a cardi for Hazel

Lately I've been stopping to do a little more slow stitching. I usually machine stitch the eyes and cheeks onto my dolls, but the other day when I decided I needed to make a pink linen Hazel, in order to showcase the pink linen supply kits, I decided to sit down and enjoy the relaxing pace of hand-stitching. 

Not only did was it a peaceful task, it gave me time to reflect on what kind of character this pink Hazel would be. While stitching, I decided she would have a headwrap instead of the bonnet that features in the pattern, and that her personality would be a little out there.

So here she is, Hazel's short(er) statured sister. 
I haven't come up with a name for her yet, she is currently affectionately known as 'Pink Hazel'

I've got a couple of Hazel supply kits in the store, featuring the pink linen. With the rainy days we've had of late, I've spent more time inside, pottering around with new ideas and designs - including a cushion cover pattern I am currently working on. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to share. It's still in the testing phase though, so I'll keep it hush-hush for now. After I got over the exhaustion of market weekend, I decided I needed to get back into making up my Dolly Mixes bundles, gorgeous fat quarter packs. I love making these because it's fun to put really different fabrics together, and they are a perfect way to try something new and add some variety to your stash. I always like trying new combinations and pushing the boundaries, testing the limits and putting fabric prints and colours together is a great way to grow creatively. This set below is the Lolly the Lion set.

Something I've been meaning to blog about for a little while is my very own fabric design. Below is a little print I drew up one night. A sweet little deer and bow design. I drew it up in lots of colours but settled on a simple black and white palette, with pink bows. I've pretty much been staring at it for the past few weeks, not quite game to start cutting. When it arrived, I just couldn't believe how well it turned out! That doesn't sound very humble, does it? It was just something I'd wanted to do for ages and I guess wasn't sure how well I would do, so I am pretty excited/happy with the result.

Something else I am pretty excited about is releasing the design for pre-order. You can find out all about it here!

Among the hand stitchery and new patterns, is a new exciting design from Hazel! Or for Hazel, I should say. Sarah from Say! Little Hen has created the MOST gorgeous vintage inspired cardigan pattern for Hazel, so you can make your very own Hazel winter wear. 

Doesn't she look fabulous? 
Styled with her new vintage overall design, pattern also in the works so watch this space!

Sarah has created this pattern to be made by beginner knitters, so I'm pretty sure with my rusty skills, I could whip one up. The pattern is knitted flat, so nothing scary, just you, your yarn and knitting needles. Sarah has also provided the measurements of Hazel Cardi so if you want to make more for other dolls or creatures, you can! Rumour has it, even Pixie Pocket can wear it (not a rumour, she looks totally adorable in it!!)

Incase you are wondering where to get the wool, Sarah has also *just* launched her Say! Little Hen yarn store. I've already done some crochet, and I can tell you it is amazing! It's so soft, and so light weight. It's also organic and produced in Australia and New can read all about this beautiful and sustainable yarn here.

Thank you for joining me here today,

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