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The Marvelous Maxi

It's been on my 'to make list' for awhile.
A long, swishy, full skirt that would have made my five-year old self swoon.
(You see at five, a long skirt or dress must mean one is a princess)

With fabric that I bought a few years ago for a fifties style dress that I somehow never got around to, I thought this beautiful Joel Dewberry Voile would make a rather marvelous maxi.

It was my birthday a little while ago and I thought it appropriate to sew myself an outfit to wear. As time goes on, I think I get more childish about my birthday then I did when I was actually a child. I'm determined to keep a sense of fun and celebration on this day of days that only comes around once a year. Life is too short not to! 

So I made this skirt, which I have yet to make a perfect top to match. It's swishy, it's full and the lightweight fabric is just perfect. I wouldn't want a heavier fabric, it wouldn't sit as well. Of course, for modesty reasons, one has to wear a petticoat underneath it or stitch a lining in. I opted for a petticoat. The idea of trying to keep track of two layers of skirt was a bit scary. 
There's a story behind that but it's not for now...or ever, on my blog, actually. :-)

I also feel that skirts and tops and dresses sometimes sit better when underwear such as petticoats and camisoles are worn instead of stitched in linings. That's just my person opinion. And in case I sound a bit old fashioned, you should also know that my head is chopped off in these because my hair was in rollers. 

If I don't put down any pattern details, somebody will ask. As with quite a few things I make, I didn't use one. I just looked at some gorgeous skirts on Pinterest, scared my family members by announcing I was going to make an (almost) floor sweeping skirt (oh ye of little faith!) and started chopping. 
I like patterns, I's just sometimes I'm allergic....

Well, I did measure my waist to make the waistband, and somehow made it too loose - after these photos I stitched some darts into it to make it stay in the proper place. I wanted it high-waisted, the pleats fall nicely over my hips that way and then it's up on the smallest part of my torso, which is the most flattering look I have found, for me. Then I cut the skirt pieces and spent a bit of time frowning as I worked out how to evenly distribute the pleats. I made the skirt pieces a bit longer, so that I could take the hem up if I wanted. 

That's a big drawback for me with store bought maxi dresses or skirts...they are TOO long. As in I walk on the hem too long. I'm average height but apparently my legs are short, or something.

The skirt zips up at the back. I interfaced the waistband, having made a shorter skirt prior to this and discovering it wrinkled up a bit when I wore it. Yes, I do know better but sometimes one cheats, skips a step and then one remembers why one shouldn't do that.

Sometimes one just has to be a bit of a sewing rebel though!!

So there we have it, a marvelous maxi skirt.
And I love it!! It makes me feel so elegant, and I can't wait for winter when I can pair a cardigan with it. I was a bit worried I wouldn't like it, I have a history with these things...but I feel my luck has turned. Or maybe I am making better fabric choices and style choices now I'm an actual grown up and no longer a teenager.... I can understand why the family was worried. Hence why I pleated the skirt and didn't gather it. Much more flattering to the feminine figure I do feel.
Plus it makes one feel clever...pleating things.

2017, I plan to make lots more of my own clothing in!
Hopefully my skirt is a good omen x


  1. Your skirt looks gorgeous and fits very nicely ... well done you!! xo

  2. Megan, you are gorgeous! I love the fabric, and a long skirt definitely = princess!
    I also wear a petticoat or half-slip if needed - modesty is still important in this day and age!

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you so much :-) Petticoats are useful things, aren't they? :-)


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