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Gingham and Tigers I wears - oh MY!

While I may still be relatively new to making *my* own clothing, I've discovered some surprising side-effects of me-made fashion already.

The first being, that making my own clothes has resulted in instant conversation starters when I'm out and about. "I love your dress." "Oh thank-you! I *made* it."

This small exchange results in an instant mini-conversation about sewing, whether the other party sews or not etc. It's quite fun! And if I get any funny looks, I prefer to think they are gobsmacked by my amazing sense of style, rather than thinking "What IS she wearing?" and shaking their heads. I'm thinking positive though, because every time I go out, someone likes my dress or like a five year old, I bask in their admiration.

The second side effect...I went to buy some shorts from a store (you know how normal people buy clothes?!) and therefore, tried on some shirts too. Well either I have gotten incredibly demanding or something but I did wonder WHY ON EARTH the fashion companies don't print the clothes in much cuter fabrics... hey, so I haven't grown up! Because we both know that there are heaps of amazing fabric designs available and I have to wonder why on earth they choose the ones that THEY DO.

I mean, people like my cute kitten dress or dresses with strawberries and tigers on them so I don't think I'm alone in thinking some grown up girls would actually wear the prints they are putting on the kids dresses....I spot a glittery swan on a toddler tee...why is there not a dress for ME with a glittery swan? This is a valid question.

In the second side effect category I must state that having the ability to fit my clothes to my body (an art I am still perfecting) has made me fussier with fit, and has added a layer of new found confidence. One shirt made me look like a dowdy lumpy sack of potatoes...what used to be MY problem became the shirts problem. You see the buck passing going on here?

We shouldn't BLAME our bodies for the frankly rather horrid clothes that grace the racks at most shops. The thought frequently ran through my brain as I threw on top after scary top...of all the clothing designs in the world...they had to pick THIS one?

Thankfully, I finally found one top in the whole shop that I was happy with and thanked my lucky stars that I am embarking on the new adventure of me made clothes because frankly, the alternative is getting more and more scary....

The third side effect is perhaps the MOST fun one. If I want a skirt with tigers on it. BAM! Tiger fabric + skirt = love. If I want a dress with cute kittens on it. Or cherries. Or astronauts. Or dancing avocados.(I am sure there is a fabric somewhere for that!) I can DO it. I'm no longer restricted to a lifetime of wearing what *they* decide. Whoever *they* are. I'm pretty certain I saw in the news, on the catwalk this week a walking doona blanket ensemble. It appears *they* can decide anything looks good, so if I want to be wearing cupcakes and stripes, then I don't see why I can't. Gosh it's fun! I've discovered an evil side to this clothes making business. Instead of saving money on expensive clothing - because half the time, that's what you have to do to get something that looks half okay these days - there is a potential for this habit to cost more!

Why? Well have you seen the fabrics available or what??? The possibilities are absolutely endless!!

Now, sensibly, the outfit I am sharing here is one that I made a little while ago. When I decided bright pink gingham needed to meet these aqua tigers. The top is a second version of the Laurel mockup I wrote about here. It's not the final cut, as the shoulders were still a bit wide for me, and I accidentally made the sleeves more frilled than I like.

But it's okay, because it's a fun top, so it can get away with it. I've made rather big adjustments to the pattern. The shoulders were brought right in several sizes down, I left the bust the same but after that, I drafted the rest out further because I wanted a nice loose fit. Nice loose cotton tops are perfect for the hot North Queensland summer.

The skirt I made up, it's actually the predecessor of the maxi skirt I have already blogged about.
I need to throw it on the machine and put a few darts in the waistband because it's not sitting on my waist, which has a slightly widening effect and it feels like it's in the no mans land between waist and hips. A little annoying. I also interfaced the waistband on my maxi, whereas tigers missed out and the result was that the waistband does tend to crinkle a bit with movement, which produces imaginary 'strain' lines. When in fact, it's actually a bit gappy. The darts'll help! Either that, or I'll have to eat more cake...

Anyway, even in all it's imperfection, this set is still a favourite and I can't wait to make more...tweaking little by little is proving to be the way to go, because I really don't find the outfit flaws until I am wearing the things.

So what about you? Have you plunged into the scary yet fun world of self sewing yet???


  1. Oh goodness! The tigers are so cute I'm having a little squee to myself. Very lovely - you're going to get so many compliments wearing it out and about.


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