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Bunnies, Bags and Bonnets

February has been a flurry of pattern making and plans. 
Today I finally pressed 'publish' on the Pixie Pocket pattern, a sweet little woodland bunny that I designed to be friends with Hazel. There is a lot of work in pattern making, especially as my doll patterns have step-by-step photograph guides. It's the way I learn best so I figured maybe other people do too!

Pixie Pocket is so much fun to make - I've made three already! What is even better is that *her* pattern is easily adapted to being a *he* - below is the sweet little fellow I had the joy of making as a custom order. Pixie Pocket started out as a doll drawing in my sketchbook and as so often happens when I actually start making, she became something else. A bunny to be precise!

My pattern process is to have fun making a new design and then once I've made one, I settle into the task of making another, photographing each step as I go. It's quite different than being able to just enjoy the sewing part, and a lot of hard brain concentration goes into that phase. I must confess it's not as fun as sewing the first one! There is so much to remember.

Then the photos are loaded onto the computer and I have to compress them ready for the pattern. I made a bit of a giant mistake doing this with Pixie and accidentally compressed most of my lovely photos into too small a file size...there were tears involved. Thankfully, I was able to retrieve the doubles from the recycle bin and all was not lost!

After this, I compile the photos and start writing! I can't spend much time on the computer at all with my RSI so it takes me a little longer than I'd like to complete the process. I took a photo of Pixie the other day on the very first quilt I made...a quilt I was convinced at the time was NOT very good due to a few technical faults, but now I feel I was much too hard on myself. I'm a recovering perfectionist you see. Perfectionism isn't the best thing in the world. Handy in some ways, but not so much in others.

Bunnies must have been on the brain, because I paused to make myself a much needed new handbag this month, featuring rose gold leather (dreamy!!!) and a stashed bunny print. I'm quite pleased with my new accessory, which receives quite a few compliments when we are out - it turns out that making your own clothes and accessories is excellent for conversation starters!

I intended to have Pixie ready in plenty of time for Easter sewing, so bonnets must have been on the brain, which resulted in this Hazel inspired hat! Sarah from Say! Little Hen is busy designing Hazel some pretty amazing winter fashion (knitting patterns!) which means I need to get a wriggle on with the new clothing patterns I have planned for Hazel. Hazel also fancies the rose gold leather so she MAY yet get some accessories of her own out of the left-overs!

Now that Pixie Pocket has made her "coming out" I think I can share the latest member of the Hazel family ~ here she is in a group photo with her besties....everyone, I'd like you to meet Croissant the Cat!

If you fancy making a Pixie Pocket, she is now available as a PDF download in the Dolly Henry store xx


  1. Another adorable creation Megan...congratulations on completing your hardwork! x

  2. Well hello sweet Pixie!! She's gorgeous Megan, and the more masculine version is so, so cute. Well done on another beautiful project xo

    1. Thank you Kellie! Your help and support has been invaluable :-)


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