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Crochet Hearts, Mr. Spool and Gold Glitter Pegs

January has been a little bit of a catch-up month for me in some ways, December being a bit of an odd month in 2016, where I launched my first ever pattern and the buzz of the holidays can make your head spin. January is to December, like boxing day is to Christmas day. A little. 

A lot of the craziness is done and dusted, you've got leftovers in the fridge from the day before so you can take it a bit more slowly. That is before February looms ahead and you realize it's no longer plausible to plead the 'but I'm on holidays' excuse in your mind...

This weekend I've had to step back and take a little break, as I realised I have been going full steam ahead since Hazel's launch, and even though I feel like I haven't done much at all, I've scarcely let my mind rest. I find I can creatively burn out just thinking too much sometimes. The new website has been launched, and like some kind of Mrs. Bennet-like regency debut (I'm reading too many books right now!) I've been making sure Hazel has been properly introduced to the world. When the flu came knocking at my door, I realised I might have been unintentionally running myself into the ground. 

I've had a few blog posts to catch up on this month, and this is one of them. A little gift bundle that was made as a Christmas gift, so wasn't able to be shared until after December 25. Though I've left it so long to post, it's probably up there with the rebellious Christmas trees I am sure are still lingering in some people's living rooms...

I had a great deal of fun making this favourite colour is undoubtedly pink and so was the recipients. I love making gifts but it is always so much MORE fun when the person whom you are creating for shares a lot of the same taste in colour and style, don't you think? Don't get me wrong, I love a challenge but when my stash runs largely to pinks and girly fabrics, it can verge on hard work wracking my brains if I need to make something like a baby boy gift....that or I give in and have to go fabric shopping...such a trial. ;-)

All the more fun when the recipient is a fellow creative....fellow fabric addicts will understand the joy of giving someone a gift who even knows the exact brand and collection one has used...

So I made a little drawstring bag out of designer double gauze....lovely and breathable incase my friend wants to use it as a bag for storing baked goods as opposed to a hexagon collection...The hexagon flower from my hexagon flower stash was a (not-so) subtle nod towards this possibility....

The drawstring bag was perfect for hiding many gifts....

I even had fun with the wrapping, cutting out pieces of fabric and trims, stitching through both fibre and paper on the sewing machine to create little parcels of crafty goodness. 
Can I say that I love sewing paper???  

And inside the bag...

A pink, floral and creative wonderland of items!
Things to light up a little creative space, and to use on projects...
All of which I made, aside from the piece of lace...

A crochet heart garland to hang upon the wall or off a shelf

A piece of beautiful lace to sew onto a very special project

A trio of covered buttons, to stash, store or sew

Four washi covered clothes pegs, to peg notes or use on gift wrapping

A fussy cut hexagon covered in one of my 
lock-up-the-cupboard-put-a-burglar-alarm-on-it stash fabrics

And Mr. Spool, a sewing companion who doesn't mind being stuck with pins...
(yes I know it is pink but he looks like a Mr. Spool, not a Miss!)

This gift set was so fun to put together, it almost felt like I was gifting myself, 
the process was that enjoyable!

In 2017 I aspire to make and give more handmade does take a little bit of forward planning which is usually why it often eludes me! But it's definitely worth the time and effort.

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  1. Sweet Megan these are all just so pretty!!! Any chance you'll share a tut or a pattern on those adorable hearts???? I believe I need some!!!
    SSS signing off
    🐿 aka Kim

  2. Everything us so beautiful! Yes, please share your pattern for the hearts.


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