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A Pretty Little Apron

December last year was a flurry of activity and turned out to be one of the most creative months of 2016. A lot of this was due to the fact that Christmas lives in December and I thought it was a good time to make some lovely handmade gifts, ya'know?

 Among them, was this apron, that I made for a special friend, who, being an online friend, would have seen her gifts if I had shared them here before Christmas day.

I *know* I could have shared this a bit earlier than now, but time eluded me and I always feel that from December 25 to well into January is a holiday time of year... so I can forgive myself for being a little bit slack. It's a good time to pause, reflect and plan for the year ahead. I have lots of ideas for 2017, which should guarantee I will never be bored.

I was so excited when I was racking my brain for gift ideas, to come up with an apron. Not everyone wears or even likes them, but I do and it's such a fun thing to make and give! Straight away, I knew I didn't want to make just any this was a special gift, I felt it didn't have to be a completely practical know, the kind you can scrub and slosh buckets of water about in. That wouldn't be any fun!

I perused Pinterest for inspiration as you do, but gave up after not finding anything that felt just right...yes I had a Goldilocks moment. A lot of the aprons I found were lovely in their own way, but were either just a little bit over the top or in the scrub-and-slosh category. So I decided to design my own - something feminine, something stylish and something just a little bit pretty. A hostess apron, though using the cottons I did, you can still bake batches of biscuits, splash chocolate around and manage to run it on an ordinary machine cycle! I highly doubt the recipient is as messy as I am in the kitchen... I think coveralls might actually be the best apron for me.

I took the time to add pintucks, piping and pom-pom trim to the bib, finished off with some covered buttons. The devil is in the detail and I wanted it to be just right. Taking a cue from the Downton Abbey maid's aprons (I'm sure I spend more time watching the clothes on those kind of shows than anything else!), the straps cross at the back and button onto the waistband because surely, I can't be the only person, to feel like those halter-necks are trying to strangle me in my own kitchen? (It's an Apron conspiracy I'm sure!)

The skirt is lovely and full and when I had finished making the apron, I decide that aprons should be an allowable item of fashion... I'd totally wear mine to the shop if it wouldn't be frowned upon...or stared upon...or Youtubed-upon (hey you never know these days!) I take it back, the Youtubing might be good publicity....for what I don't know...National 'Wear Your Apron to the supermarket day?'

 (Is that a thing!?)

I think I might need to make another apron like this soon...or possibly take it further, and make it a pinafore for winter...then I could wear it out..and no-one would know! A secret identity apron..yeah.
I'm actually deadly serious on that. The pinafore. Not the secret identity part.

As for the apron side of things, I think I should make one for me and I am toying with the idea of patterning it. If anyone is interested? Does anyone here wear aprons?

If you fancy the fabrics I used, you can find the Wedgewood Cotton Couture and the Dusty Pink Vintage Japanese Floral in the Dolly Henry store - both feel and drape very nicely!


  1. *sigh* it's sooo pretty.
    Pretty aprons are just the best accessory ;)
    P.S. Did I ever tell you about the time I was making chocolate brownies and forgot to turn the mixer off before I lifted the beaters??

    1. No you didn't Kellie! Sounds like a bit of a disaster..but a good one seeing as chocolate was involved ;-)

  2. Hi Megan,
    I love your new blog! It's very pretty!
    And I love pinafores - I'm about to cut out a navy cord one to make up for when the weather cools down (not fast enough for my liking!).
    You should definitely make an undercover apron pinafore!!
    As always, you always make me smile when I read your writing - I love it too!
    Michelle xx

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I'm loving the sound of your Navy Cord one! I hope you share it on your blog :-) I'm so glad you enjoy reading my posts, thank you!! Megan x


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