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A fabric bucket and A Hexie Postcard

Every now and then a project comes along that is the direct result of another project. Well actually, a lot of projects are like that, aren't they? You know what I mean - "I made a mug rug and then one thing led to another and...I now have this table runner, coasters and pot holder too.".... 
Except for me this time, it happened in a round about way.

After completing my first proper quilt last year, I really wanted to have a go at making a quilt for myself. This is part of my fantasy idea of a cupboard containing stacks of beautiful handmade quilts and crocheted blankets. My crochet blanket is still in squares in a box so this dream may take a lifetime to come true. There is something so special and nurturing about handmade quilts isn't there?
I think they have super powers. They are the chicken soup of blankets!

However, I decided before I embarked on this grand scheme, I needed to create something I could keep the quilt in, in all it's various stages. A couple of years ago, I made my sister a fabric bucket to keep her knitting in and I thought it was high time I owned one too.

Enter the Lucy Bucket - a huge fabric bucket that seems to know no bounds. It's like Mary Poppin's carpet bag, it fits HEAPS in it. Indeed there are actually yards and yards of fabric sitting in it, in these photos.

I've dubbed it the Lucy Bucket because I stitched one of my illustrations onto the front panel. 
Her name is Lucy, she loves wearing funny hats, yellow shoes and jumping in puddles.
I then mixed all my favourites from my stash, and some from the shop, in little squares for the rest of the exterior. I will be making a pattern for the Lucy Bucket when time allows. So far my list for 2017 is a mile long.

I love blending a whole mix of fabrics together! It's the way I like patchwork - vintage, modern, bold, pastel and bright, all together!

The other project I recently finished is a quirky little project that I had meant to be a gift. However, it turned out to be one of those makes that for some reason misbehaved the whole time, so as it wasn't up to gift bearing standards, it will spend it's life with me. Which is okay, because I kind of like it.

I call it "Hexie Postcard" a little mini quilt showcasing one of my favourite shapes, in a sample of my favourite fabrics. I love projects like this because they are a lovely way to make a physical collage of one's stash.

Do you have a favourite way to stash and store projects while they are 'works in progress'?


  1. Love, love your designs. Your creativity really shows. I haven't quilted in a very long time & I wish shipping cost weren't so high 'cause I'd love to buy some of your things & fabric. Sandy in California.

    1. Thank you so much Sandy! I know, international shipping can be a killer, can't it?! ;-) Megan x

  2. I knitted a bucket for my wool stash. It's circular with similar dimensions to your fabric one. Knitted in 5 square panels using chunky wool. It stretches so you can fit lots inside. I love handcrafted storage bags and buckets. They are a work of art in themselves and so useful.

    1. That sounds great Jenny! I'd like to crochet a basket one day! I agree, handmade storage containers are so much nicer than any old store bought one :-) Megan x

  3. They're both such sweet projects.


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