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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

2016 Creative Review + Resolutions

I've been waiting all year to do this. I kid you not. 
My 2016 "What I made post" 
It wasn't on my brain all the time.
If it had been, I would have made more!
I'm not competitive at all...except maybe when it comes to craft challenges..
If there is ever an 'X factor' for those with a sewing machine...sign me up!

Sarah at Say! Little Hen is running a fun link-up party for all crafters to share their 2016 makes so here I am joining in! The thing I love about doing this, is just having a good look back at what I accomplished in the year. I'm good at always looking at my 'what I haven't achieved' list so it's actually quite a good exercise to look at what I HAVE actually achieved.

From top left: Chambray and Lace Dress for my shop, the Pixie Noel Blog Hop,
A Gift for a Friend, Owl and Hazel are friends, More Clothing for my shop, My Nana Company Trivet and again, Pixie Noel Blog Hop.


Friday, 23 December 2016

Liberty Deer Christmas Tag + How To

T'is the season to be crafty! Earlier in the month, I had some secret squirrel sewing to do...and now the squirrels have received their secret gifts, I can share them here, on the blog! Ssshhhh.

I've been so blessed to meet so many lovely people online who share my love of craft and fabric, and even luckier to be part of an amazing crafting community. So when December rolled around, I wanted to send a little something to three girls I am glad to have met and befriended in 2016, and formed a secret squirrel society with! See, I was actually being serious. And they have an emoji for a squirrel so that seemed like a good name. Ssshhhh.


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Woodland Christmas Party - Video + Story

"Fa la la la lah, la la la lahhhh!" Hazel cried as she danced around. Her friend, Pixie Pocket smiled. Hazel loved Christmas. It was December 24 and it was time to decorate the tree. Together with Mrs. Tiffin Mouse, Hedgehog, Mr. Plum and Miss Strudel Owl, they had gone hunting for a fine tree. Mr. Plum had a farmer friend who let the merry party search the far corners of his farm for the perfect Christmas tree. It was along the road, where the stream ran, that they found it. Nestled in the shade of larger Pine trees, where the mushrooms grew. A pretty baby Pine, ready to light up the town hall in their little village.


Monday, 12 December 2016

Hazel Deer : The Pattern we are! I am so excited to *finally* launch the Hazel pattern.
Hazel was the quirky but delightful woodland deer I created on a whim earlier this year. I must admit when I made Hazel v1.0, I was a little doubtful as to whether she was going to come together well.

But that is the nature of softies, isn't it? They always look a little odd before they are stuffed and finished. One does need a tiny dash of faith while making them, as there are certainly times when one is sure one is making some kind of crazy alien and not a gorgeous doll. What a difference a face and some Polyfil can make!

Several months later, I decided to finally make her into a pattern as promised, and Hazel v2.0 emerged. I'm so happy with Hazel - both of her - she is such a fun creature to have around!


Saturday, 10 December 2016

Here & Now 08

I am having trouble coming to terms, with the fact that it is, December. While at times this year has dragged on at the speed of a geriatric snail, it has also gone along quite speedily too. So much so, that I'm not quite ready for it to be "twenty-seventeen" - excuse me for a little moment of arrrrggggh!

Right. Now I have that over with, we can move onto more interesting matters. One of those being this sweet little mouse that I greatly enjoyed stitching up a little while ago. She's tiny, she's adorable and there's a little air of Beatrix Potter about her....I call her Mrs. Tiffin.


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Quilty Inspiration

It's been a little while since I have blogged properly, having been kept busy doing other things such as turning Hazel here into a pattern. Goodness what a process it seems to be! I'm making good headway though and she should be released this month. My unspoken goal being well before Christmas but as this insanely busy time of year, it's more of a hope than anything. I don't want to put too much pressure on!

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